I Like to Write When I Am Alon...

I like to write when I am alone yeas, there are more like rimes! Ever since I was a little girl, I didn't have too many friends, so i kept my self busy doing art & craft and writing and reading fantasy books and poems. I guest I developed my romantic side by it.  usually, when I feel bad , I like to write how I feel, but I don't really keep a journal, instead I burn the pages and let them go with the wind. I guess some how I think that by letting my feeling fly away I would feel better. Some times, very sometimesI keep my sweet little rimes! I don't really show them to anybody ever. they are just silly I guess. Writting has help me a lot in many ways. And for the record, i am still learning the English grammar since I am not American.



verochka verochka
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2 Responses Oct 22, 2007

i love this...good job

Sometimes the waves surge<br />
My temptation feels like a hurricane<br />
Trying to overcome me<br />
Making me feeI insane<br />
<br />
I’m ready for smooth waters<br />
To finally feel at peace<br />
I’m tired of being love sick<br />
Tossed about by waves of love that never cease<br />
<br />
At last the waves of discontent are receding<br />
I can continue living my everyday life <br />
loving another<br />
Remaining another man’s wife<br />
<br />
Written by somone else and i thought it was enjoyable. :-)