at the end of a dark hallway

staring here, all alone

my laughter echoing out

my thoughts keeping me company

they catch my tears

they echo my laughter

Shyla doesn't, however

she tells me it's not laughter

tells me I'm hurting inside

tells me to cut the chains

but I never slash the chains

I stain the shackles with my blood

she wants me to see her in the mirror

to rendezvous with her in safety

I hide the mirrors

fearing those bloodshot eyes

she tries to tell me, however

those aren't her eyes, she screams

but it's all I see...

break the shackles

break the shackles

your imprisoning me!

slowly, though, her voice faded

and now she's gone, she left long ago,

she's but a memory.....


jaycm610 jaycm610
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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

me too 123vonnie ^^^ i have so much writing im just scared that people will judge me too quickly and not see my potential. but i liked this poem it made me think

I like it even more now that you explained it...and by the ways, how often do you write..cuz you have a whole bunch more stuff than me...actually I just don't post it cuz I'm afraid of what people are gonna think I even have to say it? I don't...inspiration? can you tell me that?...cuz I love when people explain the poem's origin and meanings and stuff