Fievel Mousekewitz (gay) Stories.

I have written many stories about this topic. I have more then one stuffed animal,, so obviously, the one I've had the longest, becomes the oldest. The first one I had gotten, I refer to as daddy to the second one. Now I have a third one. So of course, Fievel Jr, is Fievel the third's daddy. Eventually then,, I'll be placing the three of them together in some sort of (Sick) sex story.
Fievel Mousekewitz isn't the first one, but I'm not mentioning the others here,, because this one is about Fievel.
A lot of my stories include (WaterSports) in their theme.
One of my stories, Fievel Jr's mother came in,, and caught the group in the sexual actions with Fievel Jr.
No,, of course she wasn't happy. She was beyond the point of angry. She was gonna force Fievel Jr to come back home with her,
but then later changes her mind. She still didn't like seeing his daddy and his daddy's buddy playing with him,, she just gave in.
That's at least one example...
FievelJ FievelJ
36-40, M
Jul 21, 2010