An Example Of One Of My Short Stories

The alarm clock chimed loudly, interrupting my dreams. It was the morning after my birthday and I was feeling quite old.  I rolled over with a groan to turn the hideous alarm off.  Beside me on the pillow I found a single red rose.  Uh oh!  Where was I? What did I do last night?  How did I end up in my bed?  Why is my head hurting do bad?

I finally climbed out of bed, sliding across the hardwood floor as my feet hit my clothes on the floor.  Why didn’t I put my clothes away? It must have been one hell of a night.

In the bathroom there were towels on the floor and two fresh ones on the rail. I grumbled. "Note to self: Must remember to drink much much less" I started the shower and it sprang to life. The warm water felt great over my head and face as I looked up into the head to enjoy the spray. I stood under the water until it went from hot to cold. 

I return to my bedroom to start my day. There was a knock on the door, followed by "Can I come in?"  It was a ruggedly masculine voice and it made me smile.  "No” I shouted, "I'm not dressed!"  The handsome voice laughed, "It's a little too late for that!”  I could hear his footsteps getting closer behind me. I could see his reflection behind me in the mirror.  He was as handsome as his voice, and I recognized him at once; it was my SGT.  "Happy Birthday Week baby" he said as he picked me up and carried me back to the shower for a little more birthday fun.  For some reason I didn't care about getting older anymore.
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what a fun story - thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True true true. but I don't really dread it because i am just happy to be alive.

As we get older we tend to dread the B-Day. Sharing in the celebration of life, with that special person, can be a beautiful and memorable experience. (if not, we are sometimes What an awesome way to make B-Days(or weeks) less dreadful! <br />
I enjoy reading you friend. You says a bunch!... for so few words.(as usual)<br />
Lol...I was just thinking.......I wander how many lives are conceived on a parent's birthday.

A great story

Awww thanks Eyeno. Hugs

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i like this story<3<3<3

Yes, I do

Do you like the avi<br />
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Very sweet story...*laughs*

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Ok, girl, the best fun is the fun you remember. lol

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