Pen Pals Not Key Pals...

I love to write letters, I just wish I had a more interesting life to write about. My letters are full of hopes, dreams, well wishes and love, though....

My circle is welcome to send me their address anytime. :)

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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5 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I love writing letters too, unfortunately, most of my friends think it as too yesterday. I would send them Christmas cards and letters and don't get response from them. They'd rather post or message on Facebook, until I deleted my Facebook profile. But still, no letters in the mail, all junk mail and bills.

well said Miss.<br />
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God bless<br />
The Warrior Poet....x

I love hand written letters....but my hand writing sucks. I haven't written anything by hand except my signature in years! So my penmanship is on par with, oh, an 8 year old's.<br />
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But I used to write (type) long letters to my out-of-state friends all the time.<br />
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It is so nice to get something in the mail besides junk mail, bills or court summons.

Your life sounds pretty interesting to me.

the art of letter writing is lost to many generations ....<br />
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thanks to mr gates<br />
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