I love writing to people anywhere in the world, but the sad thing is I no longer have a pen pal. All my friends don't write back anymore because they say they like the internet more, but I just want a pen pal.
I would like to actually get a letter in the mail instead of bills.
I would like to know someone possibly out of Canada, or at least not in Ottawa.
I think strong friendships can be formed from having a pen pal, my sister has one and her friendship with her pen pal is quite strong.
SO, if you're interested message me or something. It would make my day.

queenisabella queenisabella
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Sure I can be your pen pal! I was the old-fashioned type pen pal before. I haven't started using the Internet until 2006. This was unusual to not email so much for people my age. You are under 21, so traditional writing should be even rarer! <br />
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I am impressed someone younger than my age are still doing this! I thought only people like me and older who were born when dinosaurs still roamed the earth would do this pen pal things. I mean actually writing with a pen. A real, physical pen. <br />
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I have been thinking about really become a pen pal for at least a dozen of people at once! At least a brief post card from time to time! <br />
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This is very special! I like it! I am glad that people still long for a personal mail in mail box, not email inbox. <br />
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Well, we can start from EP pal first! Let build this up organically!