Fountain Pens: So Many Choices, So Many Pleasures

I absolutely love them. I have several, of various weights and widths, with different nibs, and different inks. Some have bladders, others use cartridges, and still others are from art stores, for dipping only.   I truly love using my fountain pens.  I have endured much teasing because of this propensity, but I stubbornly refuse to give up my lovelies.  They are familiar and trusted friends.  I use my fine steel nib for most casual work and smaller notecards.  I have a medium width nib for when I want my penmanship to count, and I use my C-5 and C-4 nibs for calligraphy.  When I crave comfort, I move to my weightiest pen, a curvy Waterman that undulates with the contours of my hand, with a soft gold nib that has been worn down with use.  Now it makes a perfect line only for me, for the angle I hold the pen at as I balance its weight.  There is another pen… Many a class throughout college and in my doctoral work I took notes on using my old slender Lamy.  Sadly, the nib, although still serviceable, is no longer made by the company.  I have purchased other Lamy pens, but none match the original.  Maybe it has to do with the weight of the enamel, but it has a beautiful balance. 
After I have chosen my pen, I turn towards my paper selection.  Again, I have an array from which to choose.  And it is an important choice.  I don’t want the ink to bleed- so I must choose high enough poundage.  I don’t want to have a stark white sheet with sharp edges, too formal.  Perhaps the high poundage rag paper, ecru with the deckle edges- yes, the touch I want- not too high a contrast as I am going to use black ink, but it won’t bleed, and there is an organic feel to the sheet.  I have envelopes to match.  The notecards will have to wait for another opportunity- I need full sheets for this letter.
As I write to my friend, I think how much I enjoy snail mail.  I just adore receiving letters-the anticipation of a promise of a visit, someone has written just to me- not copied with a few click, or dashed off a few lines in between meeting.  But someone sat, and thought about what they wanted to share with me.  I can revel in the visit while ensconced in warmth from my fireplace, a cup of tea nearby.  I can re-read, think about my reply, and enjoy composing a response.
Yes, the internet is a wonderful thing, but I still love my fountain pens……
DinahMoeHumm DinahMoeHumm
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Faerie had to think about the 'bladders'... x p

We all have our li'l quirks that satiate our OCD's, huh?

And old fashioned term- used as an apt descriptor- as the old rubber bladders/reservoirs aged, they leaked, and cracked and needed replacing. There is almost no one left who knows how to do that anymore- and even when they do know, the recommendation is to replace the pen....sigh.....sometimes it seems unfair to just give up on old stuff somehow.....

Yeah- probably is a little OCDish- maybe.....seems pretty normal to me though.. ;-P

And there she goes in denial... bwahaha... that's all right.I hoard journals. It's a fun thing we have and do. deny?!!!!!!

I'll pm you my therapist's contact info.

but seriously, as long as it is not harmful to ourselves or others, than why change? It is like plastic surgery- I understand the need and desire for reconstructive work, but for pure cosmetics, when nothing is really wrong.....? It is our harmless quirks and inconsistencies that make us who we are, and special, and why try to rid ourselves of what makes us, well, us.... I see no reasons to try to conform to what someone sees as a "normal" if there is nothing really wrong..... Now if there are thoughts or beliefs or behaviors arising from other issues that are harmful to self or others...then I firmly believe in obtaining help and support...... (ya got me on my soap box....**steps off with a rueful grin***)

*sprinkles faeriedust on soapbox*... It's your fetish, Dinah so enjoy it. Nothing wrong with pens and journals.

***runs off to get some high poundage rag paper and my Lamy**** {{{hugs}}}

*hugs*... I like ancient-looking paper. Papyrus, if available... and faerie will probably drool.

scroll is rolled and is on it's way to you via owl post.....enjoy...

*big faerie smile*

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"My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane." ~ Graham Greene

I absolutely agree.... unfortunately, though,it seems that now most forms need a number 2 pencil so the computer can scan them. Removes the human factor just a bit more...... but then....given modern technology, perhaps we are all just being sold various bits of a disassembled vacuum, and without knowing the whole, we accept each part as something it is not..... **so off topic- just remembering fun hours spent gently swaying in a hammock reading Graham Greene..**