I Love Writing

I love writing because when i'm bore during school it would give me time to think of wat i'm gonna do on my homework and i can add characters that i got out of books or i can make up characters and also when i write i can put my feelings in my stories and then i can have my friends read my stories so they can figure out how i'm feeling and if some people judge me for who i am i would tell them to get used to it and writing is where i can put my emototions in story form and have people read my stories.

deathpreventer deathpreventer
18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I Do the Same Thing, in Alg2. Except that I Usually Write Poems that I Eventually Upload to either Here or my FaceBook.. I havn't Uploaded Any in a While though 'cause of the Vulgar I Used in it. Oops. But it's the Way I Feel. So I'm Not Srry. Never be Srry for the Way you Feel, or the Way you Express it :X

it's easier to write it down on paper than it is to tell someone. and writing helps relieve stress sometimes. i know it does for me

That's right ,get it out ya system Kid! On paper or talking to someone get it out ...Good Luck!