Journals Don't Judge

All through my teen years, my journal was my best (and often only) friend.  Journals don't judge, and they don't spread gossip.  Somehow, stuff seems easier to handle once I dump it onto a page.  Also, I can say things to my notebooks that I'd never dream of saying out loud.

All those years of journaling honed my skill, refined my style, flair and flavor.  By the time I got around to taking a creative writing class, I was far beyond the curriculum.  I'd even passed up the teacher in skill!
MossAgate MossAgate
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

That's inspiring. Skills are meant to be honed, and it's always good to hear someone who overcame and endured through hard work and motivation. I relate to your journal, actually, with what I have here on EP. The way you were able to write freely and liberate yourself in your journal's pages is the same way that I use EP for myself.<br />
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Thanks for sharing! Writing skills are always a good thing to have and improve upon!