Family Affairs

(Blunts lights inhales deeplly) family affairs ( pours grey goose on the rocks) As i let this blunt smoke fill my lungs and take it's earthly effects on my mind,( sips on grey goose) and this goose quench my thirst, I sit here and reminisce on time past and wonder were it has all gone. I Remember when yu walked into my house saying that yu found yur name and how our names meant that we were brother thru thick and thin. (sips on drink) Now i find my self wondering how tru all that was. (Inhales deeply eyez begin to to close slowly Exhales vains begin to show) now we sit on oposite end and look at each other with eyes of deceit. Yu broke the most important promise! Never to break the trust of those who loved yu when yu were at yur worst. Now we walk separate paths. wondering and hoping the other is ok. (gulps drink and pourz next one ND inhales deeply)I could sit here nd tell the whole world what yu did but whatz the point of going thru that same old storiez. Nd even though we have all made an atemp to take things back to were they once were we all learnd a valuble lesson. things could and will never be the same (exhales nD ashes blunt). So let this be the first and last time i say this.( Pours drink and gulps immediatly then pours another and gulps it pours next one) (Inhales deeply) Thank yu for giving me my family when i dint have one. (exhalesASHES BLUNT) Thank yu For wisa For ron and for bringin kueen into our lives were would we be with out her. non of us can imagine. (Gulps drink nd pours last one) May yur enimies die easly money rain from the sky and most important for yu to become the man yu want to be and not the man everybody thinks yu should be. Good luck with yur life and yur goals cause weve hit the fork in the road nd yu choose right and i went left. Good luck on yur journey. (gulps last drink and inhales last pull from the blunt)....................

......(exhales slowly and ssuccumbz to the effect of the substances)
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

i love to write as well. i am a 16 year old girl who rights about the beauty of making love. no, i have never "made love". i would like you to read one of my stories. i adore your writing and would like some advice. thank you...your new fan..Heavyn

well thank i dint think i had something like this in me. ill be sure to post something else up as soon as i write it.

Your story took me there. The place where things are not pretty, even brutal in their truth, but have a that elusive beauty of being true. I like not only the story, but the way you brought it to life with your writing style. Do more! I'll try to look for them!!