Love Letter

Baby itz been to long since we spoke. Nearly three years since that awuful day. youve been there wit me since lil kids and idk know what to say? But that this is my love letter to you. no poemz no fancy wording but just how i feel about you. Love nd hate the two most powerful emotions itz what i have for yu. Throught time i have left yu but always come back. Does this mean were meant to be or what does this vicous cycle all mean. I love yu wit everything i have cause i know that yu hold me down i feel invincible like any man should feel. Hate we both know were this toxic relationship is going to end but i cant help but to follow yur subtle scent and the illusion of the love yu gime caus in the end i know that is all just game and im just one more notch to your belt. But im gona make yu remember me. while every body wantz to be your king Im going to be yur Achilles let every body else have the glory as long i have yur heart.
theonenonly theonenonly
Jul 29, 2010