I Love To Write And Have To..

I can't go anywhere without a notebook and a pen because If I go without it I swear that I must write down something. It could be a poem or something to one of my stories. Right now I'm writing my own vampire story called Always on the dark side, never on the bright. I don't know how many authors I'm copying or if it will ever be ready but I love my own world that I have created.

Last time when I tried to get rid of my writers block I ended up writing a HP fan fiction and almost half of Sookie stackhouse fan fiction + one supernatural fanfic. Yeah I know that I'm insane but I think writing about something is a good way to get rid of a writers block and trying to write on my story. It didn't went good if you wanted to know, I now got a writers block on my fan fictions and no time to write my story because of my job this summer and that I'm going to move in about 3 weeks.

But back to the subject, when I'm not writing on my story, fan fiction or on any poem I write in my blog. Because writing is one of the few ways I can express myself. I had to write a note to my boyfriend about how much I liked him and what I really felt about him just because it was so damn hard telling him that. Now it's better and sometimes I think he's my muse.

So one of my biggest dreams is to finnish my story and get it published, but I have no clue if it would ever happen.

I don't only love to write I have to...
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I understand exactly how you feel and what you mean :)

Thanks *blushes*