Shivering Isles ( Part I )

Once upon a time, there was a island called " Shivering Isles " ruled by Lord Sheogorath, god of madness as the peoples on the island call him. Like it's ruler , the island itself are madness, the island is divided into two halves : the north is called Mania , and reflects the lighthearted and creative side of its ruler's madness, it is described as a colourful place with expansive grasslands and huge mushroom trees, peoples in Mania are utterly insane, but in a bright way. The southern half, Dementia it represents the dark and violent side of Sheogorath's madness, and tends to have dark colors, as opposed to the overly bright colours of Mania, it's peoples are gloomy and claustrophobic. But enough about the island, let's begin the adventure. Rumor has it that a small strange island just appear near the Miami beach. From the beach, people can see a big statue standing in the middle of the island.The Government has sent a group of researcher to check the island, upon approaching, it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary island. With twisted, otherworldly geography populated with vegetation found nowhere else in this world, the island is an oddity in and of itself - and certainly worth investigating. In the middle of the island stand a strange statue of three faces displaying drastically different emotions joined at their eyes. What seems to be a rift in the space-time continuum itself appears to emanate from the mouth of the central face, glowing a heavenly shade of blue. The researchers went into the " Door ", after a while, some of them got out but were violently insane and attacked anything on sight. After the incident, peoples start to ignore it, no one mention it anymore. Many years has passed after the island appear, the government has chose another groups of researcher to investigate the island, but this time, there only one man volunteer to go ( that's me ). And then a new adventure begin....

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Aug 1, 2010