Shivering Isles ( Part Ii )

Upon entering the door, i find myself in a small, other worldy room. A door directly opposite me leads outside, but between me and the exit is a large stone table and a man dressed in strange black and red turtle neck suit . He's invite me to take a seat, he's then introduce himself :
" I am Haskill, Chamberlian to the Lord Sheogorath. You approach the Shivering Isles. Though the door behind me lies the realm of Sheogorath, God of Madness, Lord of the Never-There."
I ask him : " Why did the door appear in our land ". He calmly answer : " It is a doorway, an invitation. Perhaps you will accept it for what it is. My lord seeks a mortal to act as His Champion. As for his intent... to attempt to fathom it is a foolish endeavor. His will is His own. His reality follows suit. You are here because you chose to enter, you were not summoned. " " What about the peoples before me ? " I ask again. " They entered this Realm, and were ill prepared. Their mind are now the property of my Lord. And you, you do as you will, you may leave the way you entered. Your life will be none the worse for the time spent here. Or, you may continue onward, though the door behind me. If you can pass though the Gate of Madness, perhaps the Lord Sheogorath will find a use for you. " Without thinking, i accept his offer. He's then say " Then welcome you to the Shivering Isles, oh wait... that is if you can pass though the Gate of Madness. Oh, and mind the Gatekeeper. He dislike the strangers to the Realm ". After he's done talking, he stands up and exits the door just before the entire room vanishes, light streaming in through holes growing ever larger, as it becomes apparent that the room was not a room at all but a shelter made of a swarm of fluorescent butterflies. The swarm of butterflies travels off into the horizon, leaving me free to explore the Realm of Madness.

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Aug 1, 2010