Shivering Isles ( Part Iii )

I have entered The Fringe, a small, walled area outside The Gate of Madness, entrance into the Shivering Isles. After a couple of walk, i made it to Passwall, a village located inside The Fringe, just down the stairs to the Gate of Madness. As i arrive, the villagers begin to run up to The Gate, one of them noticed and ask me to come and see " The Gatekeeper " destroying a group of adventurers. From afar, i can see a massive gate up on the hill, as i come near, i can see that it's consist of two doors, one lead to Mania, the other lead to Dementia. I begin to notice a gigantic creature constructed from an unnerving collection of body parts, with  a giant blade in place of its right arm. And the group of adventurer are turn out to be a group of mercenaries, arm to the teeth. The mercenaries begin to fire at the creature, but it's still stood there with no scratch on it's body. From that moment, we realized it is a rather one sided battle between the Gatekeeper and the group of mercenaries .The mercenaries are no match for the fifteen foot tall monster and they will all perish in their futile attack. After all the mercenaires have been slain, their captain flee . I begin to wonder if i want to do this anymore, even the largest gun can't harm that " Gatekeeper ", then how can i, a merely scientist with only a pistol can kill it and pass though the Gate of Madness ?
gameroffear gameroffear
36-40, M
Aug 1, 2010