Shivering Isles ( Part 4 )

Been 3 days has passed since i arrive to The Fringe, been thinking about how to kill " The Gatekeeper " who guarding the Gate of Madness, entrance to the Shivering Isles. The thought of being stuck in this Realm of Madness forever , plus maybe i would go mad myself, making me unable to sleep. So, i pick up my journal and go up to the hill, watching at The Gatekeeper. But as i arrive, i notice Relvyna, a woman who stays at the same inn as me, talking to The Gatekeeper. Strangely, The Gatekeeper doesn't attack her, but just stands there and listen to her talk. Tears are coming out of her eyes, The Gatekeeper try to wipe it, but some of the tears drop on The Gatekeeper hand and burn it. Relvyna quickly use her handkerchief to wipe off her tears. She fear that she may harm her " child " more so she ran away. On the way, she dropped a handkerchief full of her tears, which apparently can hurt the Gatekeeper. I've squeezed the handkerchief full of the Relvyna's tears into a bottle. This may act as a poison to the Gatekeeper. I have a limited number of doses, so I will need to be careful using them. I come back to the inn and take my pistol and my survival knife. I use the tears on the knife, before i go, i pray to god that hopefully, i will survive the battle with The Gatekeeper. The knife which is full of Relvyna tears now cut though the Gatekeeper, the cuts on it's body begin to burn into it's flesh. To end it misery, i land the final blow into it's head. And from the cut  on it's body, two keys are flowing out of the cut. One key is to Dementia, one key is to Mania. I have both the Key to Mania and the Key to Dementia. I can now go through either door of the Gates of Madness. But which way will i go ?
gameroffear gameroffear
36-40, M
Aug 2, 2010