Shivering Isles ( Part 5 )

After defeated The Gatekeeper, i making my way to Sheogorath's Palace to meet him, like Haskill told me. I am now walking on Mania side, the Northern half of the Shivering Isles. It represents the creative and lighthearted side of Sheogorath's madness, and tends to have overly bright color, with expansive grasslands and huge mushroom trees. It's residents are, like the colours of their land, are insane in a creative way. Like a wealthy man, with a house and all, thinking that the walls--all walls in fact--conspiring against him, with the ultimate goal being his demise. Believing the walls are going to fall on him as soon as he closes his eyes. Sometimes, i wonder if i ever go crazy like them. After days of walking, hitch-hiking and continue walking, i finally make it to New Sheoth. The capital of Shivering Isles, located on the eastern coast and on the very border that divides Mania from Dementia. The city is divided into three distinct districts: Bliss, Dementia and Sheogorath's Palace.Bliss is the bright and cheery half of the New Sheoth, belong to Mania side. While Crucible, the other half of the city, has a lot of rundown houses. And it's peoples, like most of the residents in Dementia side, are gloomy, depressed and paranoid, represents the darker side of Sheogorath's madness, and tends to have dark colors, as opposed to the overly bright colours of Mania. The Sheogorath's Palace is divided into two side with two colours , same as the city. I am now walking into the palace, with a little nervous about meeting with a god, a Mad god. But after seeing a man, a seemingly harmless, well-dressed male, much to the surprise of many mortals, my nervous are all swept away. But after a few words with him, i can see now why he's a mad god. He's powerful and MAD beyond imagination. He give me a task to prove if i am worthy enough to be his " errand " boy. My task is to go to the ruin of Xedilian and reactivate it. Acording to Haskill, Xedilian is a method used to deal with unwanted adventurers prior to the creation of the Gatekeeper. And now i have to reactivate it since the Gatekeeper is dead. I've learned that in order to restore Xedilian, I must activate the Resonator of Judgment. To do so, I will need to find three Focus Crystals and place them each in a Judgment Nexus, which will prepare the Resonator for attunement. I should proceed to Xedilian now and begin my search. Just hoping that i will not be eating alive by some monsters.... or get stuck in this " Mouse trap " myself.
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Aug 4, 2010