Shivering Isles ( Part 6 )

After reactivate The Resonator of Judgment, the dungeon master Kiliban, approach and thank me for repairing The Resonator of Judgment. Unfortunately, the Resonator has already drawn the attention of three adventurers, and it's up to me to decide the life, or dead, of these greedy new Isles adventurer. On our way to the trap, Kiliban explain to me what's going on: 
"The Resonator works by drawing adventurers to itself with a sort of magical "siren's call". Sheogorath uses the Resonator to find the "cream of the crop" as he calls them; the best of the worst to populate the Isles. Quite clever, eh? As the adventurers make their way through Xedilian’s chambers, they will encounter choices that you make in these control platforms. Each chamber presents two options. When you push the appropriate button, an event will unfold for the adventurers to experience. One is physically harmful... usually lethal traps or creatures... something relished by the residents of Dementia. The other choice is more mental. They are designed to make the adventurers lose their grip on reality, much like the residents of Mania."
I arrive to the first observation room of the first trap, The Chamber of the Gnarl. The gnarl, or " Walking tree " as i sometimes call them, are one of strangest kind of creature on The Shivering Isles. Like it's name, it is a walking tree, with poison comes out of it ranch, and it's bark is harder than steel. Now, from my elevated position in the initial observation room, i can see a small, immobile and seemingly harmless Gnarl standing in the first chamber. A few moments later, the three greedy adventurers will arrive in the room, seemingly surprised with the fact that their first obstacle is nothing more than the tiny creature. As the three adventurers taunting the Gnarl, they begin to notice a swarm of thousand of small Gnarls moving at them. Two of the adventurers escape the gnarl, but the sniper of the group was cut into pieces before he can join them. I proceed to the second observation room, watch as the two remaining adventurers enter the chamber and are presented with a pile of treasure, locked behind a gate. This is the Chamber of Avarice, the adventurers will have to overcome their feeling of greed as they set their eyes upon the huge piles of treasure locked behind that gate. As the two remaining "visitors" attempt in vain to open the cage, hundreds of keys pouring on the ground, and of course, none of them are real. The leader suspect this is all a trick, suggest that they should leave the treasure and foward to next area. But before he realize it, the guy who keep searching for the key has gone insane. In the third and final observation room, i watch the last standing adventurer, a severely shaken adventurers leader, enter a blood-soaked room filled with all manner of cadavers, this is The Chamber of Anathema. The adventurers leader will be subject to horrors beyond their imagination... vision of repungnance, death and mavolance reside in this room. So....imagine it yourself.
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Aug 7, 2010