Deepst Night

                       Deepest night
Now comes the hour of deepest night.
The silvery moonlight casts shadows that rejoice as they climb the garden wall.
The stillness is broken only by the lonesome wail of a freight train whistle.
Now, ever so faintly, I hear your call. Your voice serenades me as summer rain shower.
Like music of a solitary piper,
the notes drift wind blown across the deserted shore,
for I am drawn to the treasure of your heart and your soul's lore.

Tender is the touch of your thoughts I feel across the miles,
caressing me with the feel of a silk scarf upon my face.
You've climbed into my arms, entwined about me.
Spirits soar as it's your face I see before me.
Into such eternal majesty I am drawn by a force that must not be rebuffed or denied.
Like the mightiest of rivers, there is no changing their course.

The veil of night has lifted as fingers of sunlight warm my skin.
 I need so little, yet so much to bring back the magic to my life.
A child's sweet laughter, a man's touch.
pkate pkate
46-50, F
Aug 7, 2010