Monologue - Close To The End.

Every 15 seconds, someone attempts suicide. Every 45 seconds, someone succeeds. Is it sick that I admire people who can commit suicide? No. Its ironic. The people who commit suicide are strong enough to overcome the strongest primal instinct: survival. If they’re strong enough to do that, why aren’t they strong enough to overcome life’s little games. It’s because life takes a different kind of strength than death. To die, you only have to overcome one difficult obstacle. But to live, you have to face too many smaller obstacles. And eventually, you won’t have the strength to jump over that last hurdle. Why is it so much easier to die? Because its painless. Because death doesn’t disappoint; it’ll always be there. Death is patient; it’ll wait for you. When you live, you have to live with disappointing other people, and those people disappointing you. Life is not as patient as death. If you don’t catch up, you’ll get left behind in the dust. Death may be easy, but taking your own life, the step that come right before, its challenging. But not impossible. You can say that you want to die. But that moment, when you actually lift the pill bottle to your mouth, that’s the hardest part. And the easiest. Its the hardest part simply because you are overcoming human instinct. Why is it the easiest? Because all it takes is one second. And in that second, you overcome the instinct, and everything goes away. You’re left with your last minutes, you’re last breaths. And because you know you’re dying, everything else is that much more beautiful, because you’ll never see it again. And it’s the only time you were ever really happy, the only time you really saw how beautiful the world is. looks at watch. 43. 44. 45. blackout
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I'd be lying if I said I'd never attempted suicide. My first time was when I was only a little girl, and I was upset about my mother ignoring me repeatedly...and for throwing a phonebook at my head...but the thing was, as I lay in the road and waited for a car to squash me (the only thing my little-girl mind could think of) I remembered everything that ever made me happy, the things I wanted to do. I'm not popular, I can't trust even my closest friends and family, but I love them, as sad as that may be, and I'd miss them, as even sadder as that may be. So everyime I start planning how I can stop it all, I remember the day my little sister was born, or how excited I used to get over just a plain bowl of vanilla icecream.<br />
I guess what I'm trying to say, is that life is hard, and it's meant to be. If it were easy, do you really think the world would be a better place? So I just say, everytime you get knocked down, shake it off, stand back up, but a band-aid over your scraped knee, and flip off the world as you laugh miniacally. You never know who might be watching.<br />
Your monologue was beautiful, and very truthfull. The last part was a little tense, but I just believe that made it all the better. You're an excelent writer.