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Many people say they like to write. Writting is alot of fun. My joy of writting came from when I was little and like to play barbies. Each family had to have a hole life set up, who they were, what jobs they have and sutch. The games were more serious then just having a mom and dad. Things happen to them in their life. One game I remember is when a bank was robbed in their town, how I made the schools in the area shut down and have a code black witch meant to get down and stay away from the windows. there were small military training camps and those guys were deployed. In that game I made it so that there was teen hero. His name was Zeeke. Zeeke and his friends were highschool kids. Zeeke was at the school when the code black alarm wen't off. He and his friends started trying to get eveyone to safety. It turned out that the bank robbers were in the school. Zeeke used his cell phone and called the police. When Zeeke was in the lunch room he saw the robber holding a cop hostage. Zeeke reported it. Anyway more cops came in. Time was standing still as everyone decided to take it slow. The robber was getting mader. Zeeke wen't got a rope hung his self from his belt and droped down on the robber. The gun wen't off, a crazy shot. The cop ran and then more shots fired, Zeeke wrestled the robber. Zeeke saved the day. When the cops wen't to put the robber in the car he still had a blade, Zeeke blocked the cop from getting stabbed but in doing so he was stabbed. He was taken to the hospital. Four hours later he died. Zeeke was the hero of the town, saved lives, just days before he died he was worried about taking a math test. My stories always have drama, are more for adults to read.
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and for kids too (:<br />
full of drama, and has a deep message,<br />
I wish you will keep writing monam, maybe you will right stories in books someday (: !<br />
<br />
thanks ^^