The Dance

It was a cool evening, even for early October in Missouri… we were young, she much younger than I. we had very little money, she in college, working her way through, paying for it with her income from Burger King…me, just coming off of a bitter, and very expensive divorce. I had nothing in the bank.
I had her, or better yet, she had me…she was like trying to hold on to mercury, with an IQ that could not be measured, and an energy level that was astronomical…she never slowed down, mentally or physically.
It was a wonderful time in both of our lives, I was to later find out.
That one particular cool October evening, on what was quite a rare occurrence, we were both home, you see she actually lived with me, we had the last of the left over minute rice sweet and sour recipe that we enjoyed, drank our favorites, she a Pepsi, and I a glass of Iced tea,
Suddenly, I was inspired…I took her by the arm, and instead of leading her off to bed, I lead her outside…under the crescent moon on that crisp, cold October night, I took her in my arms and danced, “What are you doing?” she asked.
“But there is no music”
“Exactly…we’ll make our own”
We did
we danced for hours.
We solidified our love
One instance in time,
I will forever remember it
brokerichard brokerichard
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2012

WOW . . . my friend . . . fantastic story . . . an excellent memory . . . and a talent to write . . . thank you for sharing this most enjoyable read . . . LOVED IT . . . 8D

your stories always make this sappy romantic smile. =)

Thanks!<br />
I like that.