Way Back To Each Other...

The world is big yet so small
With a lot of different places and people
Did we already meet and seen them all?

When I think about it, I know we haven’t yet explore it’s core
And deep in our hearts we know we want to experience more

At some point in our journey we’re gonna choose different ways
I wonder what we have to say when the time comes that we have to weigh

You’re going to look for your destiny and probably live your dreams
I’m gonna take my own road no matter how hard it seems

We’re going to look at the same star and wonder from afar
With temptation everywhere how can we protect the scar

Our love will be tested and for sure tears are going to shed
But I want us to remember the things that we said

That no matter where life my lead us we’re gonna find our way back to each other
You and I together…forever…
jazzME jazzME
26-30, F
May 7, 2012