Dreaming Sweet

Sitting here I listen as you sleep, I wonder what you're dreaming, and if you dream in color, what are the colors that you see? Is there blue as deep as the ocean? Is there a vibrant orange sun bathing you by the sea? Perhaps under... an umbrella with stripes of your favorites, yellow and green. A few tan sandprints away, children rally 'round to play, building castles made of sand gathered in red buckets they filled along the bay. I think of you and then add in me, creating abstract thoughts of what you and I could be. I say "sleep tight" also "have sweet dreams" and all the while in my head I pray those dreams, you dream are of me. There's so many things about a woman, some she keeps well hidden and others even a man can see, either way I find you intriguing. So my darling, while you're dreaming sweet, may the sweetest be of me.
ruca28 ruca28
31-35, M
May 13, 2012