I Love To Write Also

I love writing because when I sit down to write anything, I know I can make anything happen. I have found that my thoughts are clearer, and I am able to express myself with out interruptions. My husband and I have always had a hard time communicating so I started writing to him so I could explain my feelings in a way he could take his time and pay attention with out interruptions. this became our best way to resolve issues, because emotions were not present. just thoughts in word. then when we could sit down and discuss these thoughts, we were much better prepared to just talk and not argue. I have thought to write many different books. serious books about my personal struggles, humorous books about my struggles, I have written some short stories about old fashioned Christmases and a few funny short stories to make my children laugh, I have considered writing to publish, but time just keeps slipping away and it gets put off. I hope someday soon I can make this a reality.
lmbyers lmbyers
May 16, 2012