Finally Published

I finally had a children's book published by on ebooks.  The book is titled Patrina.  It is really a story that is similar to my own life.  The book is about a young girl that has  a fantasy about love and giving, and that fantasy becomes reality.  Patrina overcomes an evil force by the greatness of her love.  I have as a child always fantasied about living a life of love and giving.  That became reality when I went forth to do volunteer work for many humanitarian organizations.  I worked for the Appalachian Clothing Project ironing ,and folding many clothes for the poor in that region as a child.  When I was older I worked as a program recreational aide, and a physical therapy aide at Seaside Regional Center for Retarded Children.  In my late teenager years I worked for Southeastern Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence as a hotline switchboard operator.  I also was a peer counselor, and a friend to the alcoholic and drug addicts that resided at the Detox Hospital and drug program.  I worked at the Christian Coffeehouse The Whales Belly in my 20's as a Christian Counselor to the street people, and to any that needed help.  I joined the group called the "King's Kids", and I counseled  and discipled many young people.  I did a lot of counseling and volunteer work in the churches I went to.  After I had children, I worked in group homes where I have loved and care for the clients I have helped.  My life of love and giving has been a great joy to me.  I hope you enjoy reading it, as I have enjoyed living it. 
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
May 17, 2012