A Rewarding Experience

You know how going through school, every now and then in an English class you are assigned to write a story of some sort. Most of my assignments ended up being narratives with various guidelines. All my teachers always said I had potential and that I should try pursuing writing but, being young and stupid, I thought it was lame and useless so I never did. When I graduated high school, and after all the stress, drama, and depression that caused settled down; I started looking for an escape and a way to express myself. There was a certain enjoyment in my minor martial arts skills, and music always helped a little bit, but one day I decided to sit down and start writing. I've tried my hand at poetry, if anyone is interested message me and I can give you a link to the site it is posted on, but my real passion is in the novel I'm working on. I've always been a huge fan of fantasy fiction novels; to name a few authors on my favorites list: Butcher, Paolini, Patterson, Zahn, and many others that always sparked an interest in me because of their ability to create another reality with characters I could relate to and worlds I could only dream of being a part of. So I'm trying to write my own novel, and my goal is to take it to a publisher by the time I'm 25 or so. Even if all I do is type a few pages and set it aside as a possible next chapter, just that flow of ideas, shaping the story and characters, and working on making it all so real I feel as if I could reach out and touch it... It's the best way I have of escaping the stress of my life for awhile, clearing my head, and feeling productive. Even if I am never published, and all I leave behind is a bunch of ideas in a scrapbook somewhere, I will never stop writing.
YoungandFree93 YoungandFree93
18-21, M
May 18, 2012