But Can't Finish It.

I often get good book ideas that I begin working on, but for some reason I always quit after a while. I either get bored of the subject, find it too depressing to keep writing on or get a new book idea that I want to try. I'd love to finish one for once and publice it but it never seems to happen. Does anyone else have the same situation? Any tips on how to keep working on your novel?
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I have the same problem! I never finish my books. I guess we just have to motivate each other.

I'm experiencing the same thing. I've started on several stories, but I never seem to be able to finish them. For some (very few) I've had ideas for the ending, but for most I can even get past the beginning. I also edit what I write all the time, so perhaps that is my problem as well, but I can't seem to stop editing, and it feels wrong to continue the story if the beginning isn't quite how I want it to be.<br />
Sometimes it helps if I put down key words/sentences I want to include, but...<br />
Anyway, good luck!

I am in the same boat as you, I always have ideas that i ponder about day in day out. I currently started a new story and what i have tried to do is I write a full a4 page single space every night before i go to sleep. I think about it all day then i write it down. I have also tried using a small note book to jot down ideas. Force yourself to write even if it does not make sense. Writing is a hard discipline because we have been provided with several procrastination tools now. Try not writing on the computer. Get some pad and write by hand then type what you have written afterwards. Always keep writing till you think you have reached the goal/ amount you intended to write. Do not do edits as it is a way to procrastinate and procrastination is evil.

For me, it's just a matter of forcing myself to keep slogging away. I set a small daily goal (current one is 100-300 words/day) and do my best to meet it. I've found that if I can push past the "meh, I don't feel like it, can't think of anything to say" barrier I can do more than the goal.<br />
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I also work on multiple projects at once. That way, if I'm bored with Project #1, I can work on #2 or #3. <br />
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Remember that rough drafts always suck. There's just no escaping it. A rough draft is for spewing your story out however you can do it. Get it done, and don't get hung up on making it perfect. That's done in the editing and revising stage, NOT in the rough draft. Try to avoid editing as you write, that road leads to perfectionism, and perfect and rough draft don't belong in the same chapter, let alone in the same sentence!<br />
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Hope that helped, and best wishes on your projects!

I edit the text a lot while writing it lol. That could be a reason to why I get stuck.
I don't like how I've put things initially and try to make it sound perfect.

Sometimes I have to cover my screen so I can't see what I've written. When that urge-to-edit hits...yeah. It can be hard to fight.