This Memrory i hold,it Scars Me.Knowing what i hadn't Known was Better Off.My Life is Going On But My past isn't Erasing,The More i Learn The more i Continue.Forever more.Never the Less, i must Confess,IM TIRED OF BEING ALONE!!! &TRAPT in MY own home -_-.....These Thoughts And Feelings,CONSUME me day and NIGHT...i Want to Wander Off Like a Owl in the Country...To Get away From This Tension i feel. Im Headed To a Life commited Thing :)...My mind's Gone and ben Gone for QUITE some time..ALTHOUGH feel insane.! Hear me cry WORLD!!! HEAR IT!! FEEL THE ANGER WITHIN,FEEL ALL THOSE TIMES I WERE BULLIED,**** the BULLSHIT! ....THOSE READING THIs im sorry i just lost my mind..And Frankly i hope u dont think things lol but anyways....-_- PROMISES ARE BROKEN AND NEVER REMEMBERED FOREVER MORE.i Shall NOT Give up.
theadventuresofalexus theadventuresofalexus
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sorry it sounds like emotional pain. Like very much reading you will not give up. <br />