Hotel Sofitel Love Affair

Soft music fills the room as she sits perched on a bar stool at the bar of the Hotel Sofitel sipping the glass of Moe't in her hand . Hair mousy brown pinned high top . Make-up perfect with smokey eyes and a red patent lip gloss nails manicured with a crystal on each . Covered in Swarovski crystals she wears a black chiffon dress floating beyond her ankles with silver sandals , three inches high that sparkle with the light of the glass Chandeliers from above .
Standing at the corner of a bar she see's a Gentleman dressed in a Gucci signoria tuxedo with a red shiny bow tie and a white under shirt, his hair Brunette smoothed over to one side , clean shaved face his eyes meet hers gleaming bright blue , lips that are a pearly pink . He stands to look at her nursing his Whiskey on the rocks .
Swiftly approaching he seems to be nervous yet excited , looking around there is no body else in sight only the bar tender putting out fresh sparkling glasses onto the shelves .
He stands before her grace fully holding out his hand offering to join him for a dance . Standing up off the bar stool as he leads her to the dance floor hand in hand , smiling and he smiles back not a word spoken from either.
Her heart is racing in full beat , His hand on the hip of her and the other in hand with hers , floating to the music of the pianist such a sweet elegant and romantic feel. His eyes are in hers as they swift along the floor such a great dancer and such a handsome gentleman. The pianist stops and stands to make an exit. They stand glaring at each other , he takes her hand and leads her to the bar Orders the bartender to put some champagne on ice and to bring it up to the penthouse suit apartment .
Hand still in his leading her into the great hall towards the private elevator . He inputs a number to call for it . The doors open and they each step inside . Pressing the button to the correct floor they rise .The elevator sounds a beep as they arrive at the destination. Hand still in his he leads her onto the fortress where 4 guards stand, approaching the door he swipes the card and enters the room. leading her inside ........
The room is amazing gold washed walls with beautiful pieces of art upon them . Long glass windows over looking the beautiful sight lit up in the night, the moon shines bright and the stars glisten . She stands looking around and hes gone . Sitting and waiting in anticipation only to hear foot steps onto the tile floor, he brings over the champagne in ice and 2 crystalline glasses. Popping the cork he pours them in each . Handing one to her he clings the glasses together as both parties take a sip .
Taking her hand he takes her to a room where there stands a queen sizes bed dressed in red satin sheets , built in wardrobes mirrored a rather large plasma wall mounted above a roaring fire , filling the room with a calm and  warmth feeling . She stands gracefully before him nervously breathing loud and fast as he touches her face gently with the outer of his fingers then over to the bottom lip teasing with his thumb. His starts to undress the curvy frame of her body . Zipping down the back of the dress it falls slowly to the floor leaving her in in nothing but the black lace lingerie. He stands to admire her taking in every little detail , his eyes are stunning bursting with the colour of the ocean.
He lays her on the bed , gently caressing from the left of her shoulder all the way down toward the inner thigh . She mmmm's with delight upon his touch of her bare flesh . Moving his face forwards he plants a soft kiss on her lips , kissing him back as they invade one and others mouth . He climbers on top of her and parts the legs with his , rubbing his length between her legs . Moving his kisses all the way down to her sensitive spot...... she moans in ecstasy with the feel of him there.
Softly putting his thumbs under each side of her panties he pulls them down and throws them to the floor. Legs parted to his sight, he caresses her clitoris with his tongue round and around .She moans and groans swinging her hips to every touch of the warm tongue . The zipper of his trouser comes down as he undresses , she lay there gleaming breathing steadily as they connect with on and others eyes constantly getting lost. He opens the side draw to reveal a blue foil wrapper opening it he slides it down his erect length..........
Entering her he lets out a small groan, she moans in delight as he slams into her and gently pulls back and slams again . Invading mouths she moves her hips to meet the rhythm of his as they make love upon the soft satin sheets and the dim lighting of the fire . Finally they both find the need to release in on and other ,deploying around him she **** over and over then he releases himself to the voice of her soft moaning ******, He removes himself to lay beside her touching her face as they both come down to steadily breath. Cradling her in his strong loving arms they embrace in a passionate Sofitel love affair ...........................

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mmmmn very nice :)