I Won't Give Up.

I been around this Earth for about 18 Rough years. i know , i know not long enough to Go through much Right? WRONG. Due to the fact that life is unexpected with alot of things, i handle the confusions very well. i know im not alone in all this,there are others going through the same or worse, but let's not think about it...What im Trying to say here is, Going After Something that i believe in is possible if i work at it, i will Go to college and go after that Physchology degree, make something out of myself then own a house,lastly make sure i am financially good so i can start a family of my own, i love kids &some kids love me..we all want that good ambition of having a house, bills paid, have kids or something like that. Others have a different path & i have mine , however no matter what even if life turns around , i'd build my way back up.it's happend before and look how i turned out :} lol, well For those reading i'd like to thank you, because of you i feel greatful , you also give me another reason to write ♥'
theadventuresofalexus theadventuresofalexus
18-21, F
Sep 8, 2012