Until Forever Dies

This is us.
Never alone.
We have eachother, whether its in the same room or by phone.
You'll always be there.
I know you'll never leave,
And there's one thing I know,
This the the truth,
We will be together till forever dies.
Because I'm yours and your mine.
Listening to your heartbeat,
A rhythm so fine.
So much comfort,
So much love.
With only you I feel this,
Not any other boy can I love so much.
Cause we will be together until forever dies.
Cause we are in love,
As everyone can see.
Nevet a broken heart,
Never a sad tear cried.
You can hold me in your arms,
And I’ll hold you in mine,
We will never let go,
Until the end of time,
‘cause I will never leave you,
And you won’t leave me,
We will be together,
Until forever dies.


laurie37 laurie37
18-21, F
Nov 5, 2012