Drips From A Leaking Mind..

Wanderings of thoughts, through the cracks
Visions of some fantastic place
Moving pictures of time gone by
Thoughts of what may have been
Scenes from all the major events
Smiles after making love
Glowing in front of the warm hearth
Grins after doing something stupid
Scowls for every **** up
Screams for all the pains
Silence of all that went unsaid
Smells that triggers a memory
Excitement of anticipation
Dreams of something or someone you're not
Tears for all the wrongs
Sadness being lost and alone
Taste of something exquisite and unique
Shouts that were never heard
Goodbyes to those we love
Greetings from close friends
Happiness felt for any reason
Gratitude for help from anyone
Afterglow from pleasuring someone multiple times
Longing of seperation
Hearing the voice lost in the wilderness
Feeling anything for the first time
Knowing it will be the last
Seeing something for the first time
Never knowing why
Seeking that which cannot be found
Looking everywhere for something lost
Finding that which you denied
Discovering that which had been forgotten
Sounds of moving songs
Voices in the darkness
Words you needed to hear
Belief in something, anything
Whispers in your head
Kindness when all was lost
Imagining all that could be
Walking through life, dead inside
Giving your heart away to get pieces back
Failing the great test
Larger than yourself
Turning your heart to stone
Wasting your short time here
Buying something that has no price
Risking all to save yourself
Loosing yourself in finding something
******* and forgetting everything
Loving and loosing
Seeking all never sought
Pondering meanings that have none
Touching that never felt
Reaching the point of giving up
Doing something you never did
Covering your *** at the expense of someone else
Dancing to your own tune
Facing, the thoughts, leaking through cracks in the mind, may never return again, ever
Dripping ever so slowly, till they all run out, forever!

Alzheimers & Dementia is the ultimate curse when all you have left is memories and thoughts!
theadventuresofalexus theadventuresofalexus
18-21, F
Nov 7, 2012