Words That Came To My Mind Coz I Can't Sleep.....

It’s 10pm and I can’t sleep,
Still thinking ‘bout the way you swept me off my feet

From a simple HI that made me high,
And now I feel like I’m in the sky

Those phone calls that last till morning light,
Wishing one day you’ll be on my sight

Singing me a song “today my life begins”,
I never really told you how much that means

The letters and cd’s I gave to you,
It came from my heart and were sincerely true

The moment I saw you for the first time, my eyes got glued,
My body literally froze that I can’t moved

Who would have thought that you and me somehow meant to be,
Coz until now people ask what did we see

But no matter what other people say,
I will fight for you in whatever way

I will not back down, I will not give up,
I will always try until we reach the top

Coz you and I are a perfect match,
Exclusively for each others catch..
jazzME jazzME
26-30, F
Nov 26, 2012