On The Brink Of Insanity

Her soft gentle eyes peek over the edge of the cup as she drinks its contents. Her small form and innocent face hides the monster she contains within. Too many times has the thing taken over and killed her chances at happiness.
The pain is overwhelming as the bitter taste dies away in her mouth, soothing that what is inside but burning her body. Her legs move as if they have a mind of their own forcing her to the floor. Everything becomes a blur and all that she wants is the pain to go away. Screaming out in pure agony as she struggles not to tear her burning flesh from her limbs.
Her skin feels cold to the touch but red burn marks surface at every bit of contact.
She is not in control of her body anymore and she watches from inside her mind as it thrashes and tries to rip everything around it to shreds, slowing as it gets worn out.
The burning eventually fades but next always comes an icy pain that paralyzes her, whimpers barely escape from her lips. With the final stages leaving her unable to move she feels a slight relief that she has managed to get this far but she knows that her mind can never return after this.
Slowly she regains control, slowly she starts to move, gathering herself up of the floor she sways singing:

"don't close your eyes,
It comes in the night
The beast will have its fill

Don't sleep tonight
Don't even try
The beast will claw out your eyes..."

She giggles in delirium, clapping her hands after her song before turning on herself in rage. Her nails dig in deep into her soft skin and she drags them over every inch of her arms, she delights in the temporary relief of sanity it gives.
Her sanity telling her to stop before she comes undone, but her fear of losing that sanity drives her to continue on. The force of both wills of the mind cause her to shake with indecision. Eventually she stops breathing and stands staring at the nothing ahead of her before finally falling to the ground.

----to have such images in my head frightens me, but there seems to be no cure to get them to go away
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Aww, hope the images don't bug you all the time :(

Having said that, wonderfully written story yet again, my friend; artistic in its whole :)