One of my more favorite offerings.  I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

You would never meet a woman so beautiful, or so cold.  Janis seemed very much a porcelain Goddess.  Place her statue in your garden built an alter at her feet- but woe to those foolish enough to touch her. As she crossed over the threshold of this filthy mortal infested nightclub her nose wrinkled in distaste. She had always abhorred how the "Goths" had exploited the palate of darkness and suffering that she had long since painted with.  Of course looking at her distant presence left no doubt to the viewer that she was not one of those horrid shades of failure.  In fact she was practically a fashion plate for those who still followed the old ways- every motion she made exercised her devotion to her Goddess.  She was tightly laced into a red silk corset with black lace ribbons.  It was stitched painstakingly to fit her figure and every bit of the fabric clung to her genereous curves.  Beneath the corset were several layers of black lace petticoats which were custom cut to perfection, leaving the hint of her shape but telling none of her secrets.  At the very edge of her skirt peep the very tips of her silk slippers.  Her glorious red hair was held up with a piece made from platinum and black pearls. Her slender wrists were accentuated with solid red silk gloves- lined with black pearl buttons.

 Never once would one assume that she could be at a loss on how to interact in such a pitiful establishment, and she didn’t allow that conclusion to be drawn.  She whispered a request to the first "servant" that crossed her path- money exchanged hands. She was very careful to not allow any contact between her and this death ridden creature. Immediately she is led to a more carefully guarded section of the place. As she takes a seat two guards appear as if from the shadows.  They are not extraordinary, in fact once you quit looking at them you would forget they existed altogether.  Her memory lingered though and the look of her was almost addictive, the more you saw the more you wanted to see.  The weaker willed in the room were drawn as near to her presence as was allowed by her companions.

 Her eyes covered everybody who entered the room.  When touched by her eyes even the simplest mortal would feel the pressure of her thoughts around them.  They could nearly hear the whispers asking their soul questions far too personal.


What was this "Goddess" searching for?  What brought her down off her pedestal  long enough to be glanced by the common mortal. She waited patiently though, detached but vigilant. She would come and go with the sun- nobody would witness her consume anything; it was rare when she was even seen moving.

 The first time she had "company" it was a shock.  She didn't so much as nod her head and one of her shadows presented an invitation to a scraggly looking mortal girl- no older than 15.  The girl never looked ill at ease and she was provided with anything she requested as her and the girl chatted.  The change in her was slow through the course of the next few weeks but persistent.  The young woman would appear at Janis's table every evening and not leave till dawn.  Slowly her old visage was replaced to one much more similar to the porcelain goddess.  Even her movements became more deliberate and feminine, her skin lost its pallor and her hair and lips grew redder throughout the time spent in the bar.

 At the end of six months the girl could have been taken for Janus's twin.  They sat and visited in dainty whispers in the club.  Some evening they would just sit quietly waiting for something that pressed heavily in their minds.  The weak could just feel the pressure building up, excitement, and a vague hunger.

 Then he came.  He was not much taller than 6 feet, but to be in the presence of this man felt as if you were standing at the feet of a giant.  His clothes were insignificant... even if pressed to remember you would only be able to describe the gold spun tone of his hair- the amber purity in his eyes.  His words were spoken in a quiet voice, but even they seemed forceful.

 He did not wait for an invitation- he sat right down next to the porcelain statues that had taken up residence in this humble bar.  With a nod of his head, the young girl was escorted away with Janis's ever-present shadows.  Janis looked into his eyes with a longing so potent it could be felt among even the strong willed.  He laid his lips gently on her neck and did not break contact until her thoughts and feelings were no longer pressing on the minds of the nearby mortals.  She slumped in her seat- and in the blink of an eye he vanished.


As he disappeared, people forgot what they had seen.  Memories of an ancient goddess a goddess who exuded power and demanded blood remained- but they seemed distant.  Not so much as what had happened last year as a story they heard- with a beautiful picture attached.

 But all that was left of Janis was a pathetic 15 year old girl, dressed in rags.  She shivered and held herself tightly as she looked over the occupants of this dirty place. She couldn’t even begin to know how to deal in this world.  She had never so much been touched by mortal hands in her memory.

 And here she was


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No, i guess when i was younger i thought about it... but is seem incapable of finishing anything when it comes to longer stories. That and I'm not as able to write as i used to be.<br />
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But thanks for the compliments!

You write beautifully. Have you ever considered getting published?