Can You Read My Play?

Can you read this before i use it in my theatre class and give me your opinions?

sorry all the italics are gone for stage directions but where is says freezes and unfreezes, they're stage directions not lines.

(Light fades up on a woman sitting on the apron, slouched and relaxed, but contemplating something.)

Woman: Today was just a bad day. (pause). Just a really, really, really bad day. My chest feels like it’s been hit by a sack of bricks and I can feel by pulse in my head (sigh). But it’s funny because I woke up this morning with a feeling in my gut that told me that something was going to happen. Something was going to go wrong. I know now that I was completely off. Everything went wrong today. There wasn’t one moment or one thing that threw it off balance but event after event after event that has accumulated together to form what was quite possibly the shittiest day of my life. (she collapses onto her back, lays there for a moment then props herself up on her elbows with a more serious and mournful look on her face) Oh but of course this day isn’t over yet. (pause). I am not good at relationships. I have never pretended to be good at relationships because after the honeymoon phase is over, things are supposed to get more serious. We are supposed to tell each other about our feelings and just be open and exposed and that’s where I lose my ability to speak. (She begins getting more frustrated and angry) I do this to myself every time but this guy was supposed to be different. This time I wasn’t going to miss out on this, on life, because I am too afraid to say something, anything. But of course I couldn’t tell him that I didn’t want him to leave. I sat there as he packed up all of his belongings, he was screaming about how I was just a huge waste of time, about how he loved me and he just wanted me to feel the same way. It’s not even like I wasn’t there when he left and that I came home to find him gone, oh no, I sat there. I sat at the dining room table, staring at him as he packed his suitcase, with a blank look on my face. He obviously noticed, it was hard to miss, so he pulled me up by my arms and started shaking me. And I couldn’t control him, he was just so angry. I let him leave. Nobody knows that I didn’t want him to go because who was I supposed to tell? All the great friends that I have, who I confide every detail about my life with? They’re just vultures waiting to feed on the latest gossip that I can provide for them. They’re good people. They are good, honest people who care about me but they’ll never know. I’ll never tell them. I can’t bring myself to tell anyone.

She falls on her back and puts her hands over her face. Man walks in stage left and sees her on the floor. The woman sits up with an uncomfortable smile on her face. Man walks closer and closer to her until she sits down next to the woman, freezing as directed between lines.

Man: Oh hey, how are you? Freezes.

Woman: He doesn’t care.

Man: Unfreezes. I heard what happened. Freezes.

Woman: Of course he has.

Man: Unfreezes. Who knew he would be such a ****! Freezes.

Woman: Scoffs. He knew this would happen.
Man: Unfreezes. It’s okay, it can only get better from here. You just have to get back on that horse. Freezes.

Woman: He said that last time.

Man: Unfreezes. Just tell me if there is anything that I can do for you. Anything at all. Puts his arm around her, she smiles gratefully at him. He freezes.

Woman: I just want to be left alone, so for now (he unfreezes) I’m fine

Man: They turn so that they are facing each other. What do you think you are going to do now? Is he moving out completely? Are you going be there when he moves out? Do you even want to talk to him about this? Freezes.

Woman turns away from him, faces the audience, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She turns back towards him and he unfreezes.

Man: Do you want me to talk to him for you? I can do that, if that’s what you want. I think that you should just move on with your life really, I never liked him. (She starts breathing faster and faster and getting more uncomfortable) You are so much better than him; I hope that you know that. It’s good that it’s your apartment though because it would suck if you had to move out. But really, are you sure that you’re fine? Freezes.

Woman: (frustrated and angrily snaps, speaks rather quickly) No I am not okay. I am not going to tell you how much I am really not okay. I’m not going to tell you that I am breaking down because I made a huge mistake. I’m not going to tell you that I loved him and I let him go because that was my own stupidity and that is my own problem. I am definitely not going to tell you about how I wish that I could just go home and have him still be there and that today never happened. I’m not going to say any of this to you, about the sack of bricks that has whacked me in the chest, about the beating in my head because, seemingly, my heart has lost it’s ability to do this on it’s own. I’m not okay but I’m not going to tell you this, I am never going to tell you this, so just stop asking.

He unfreezes. She stares down at her hands.

Man: Well, as long as you’re okay
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Dec 6, 2012