2012. Nostradamus.

I've read Nostradamus,

his predictions blew me away,

if you think nothings gonna harm us,

then just let me have my say.

It's not possible it's coincidental,

so many things have come to pass,

you may think I'm being 'mental',

and I'm talking right out of my ***!

But history is'nt a liar,

history books share a collabaration,

but their pages could burst into fire,

leaving you without an explanation,

Nostradamus's dates were out somewhat,

and history was always on time,

maybe that was something he forgot,

to add on an extra line.

Twenty twelve is upon us,

the year the mayan's see doom,

no surprise dont make a fuss,

it could be over all to soon.

I've seen the film twenty twelve,

outstanding the cataclysmic view,

between the pages of the book I delve,

and wonder if any of this is true.

But on the assumption this is the year,

you may scoff, or think it correct,

I must really make myself clear,

if it is, there aint much time left!

There's so many predictions around,

its difficult to know what's best,

it doesn't matter what you found,

they've all been put to the test,

Now i have an open mind,

where fact meets prediction,

with every page I turn I find,

I'm confused with all the contridiction.

It's the outcome afterall I'm seeking,

not the hype before the fight,

but still, it does'nt stop me from peeking,

I hope Nostradamus was right.
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012