Tonight We'll Dine In Hell.

This is a poem based on the film 300. Where Persia and Greece go to war.

300 Spartans in the breech

Xerxes army just out of reach

ten thousand arrows coming out of the fade

Leonidas men fighting under their shields in the shade

300 men the best of the best

hardened since birth put to the test

swords and spears thrust for the good

taking no prisoners covered in blood

it's a story of intrigue love and steel

betrayal and lust bought Xerxes to heel

the Persian's massive army thrust upon hate

squeezed into a column by the walls of the gate

300 men against a tyrant won't flee

fighting for their homeland that wants to stay free

rank and file shunt with spears and throw

pushing back the Persian's with nowhere to go

blood and guts isn't the theme of the story

the dedication of men for freedom and glory

but pushed into slavery teased with rods

it's about the few against massive odds

the king of Persia insists upon a deal

to avoid annihilation Leonidas must kneel

in response he gave a jeering jibe

kneeling's not easy when your standing on pride

elephants and beasts charged the few

repelled by the Spartans they couldn't get through

hoards of men cut and slashed

against the 300 they couldn't get passed

a Spartan who's twisted spiteful frame

sold out Leonidas to Persia for gain

he stood in a uniform of promised rank

and led Xerxes army to Leonidas's flank

with boiling blood spilled without fear

300 warriors at the peak of their career

surrounded by the Persian might

with their backs to the wall continued to fight

thousands of men died that eve

to 300 swords who's skulls did cleave

the ground littered with wounded and dead

a river of blood turned the dust red

he fought with his brothers for this land

now faces the tyrant spear in his hand

the immortals in black soldiers elite

stood with swords raised at Xerxes feet

Leonidas out front thoughts quickly paced

took aim with his spear and true it raced

glancing off cheek blood did pour

Leonidas gave out a deafening roar

300 men in formation stood stout

spears held aloft as one they did shout

Xerxes shocked raised his arm to the sky

a million arrows began to fly

Leonidas with his men at his side

impaled to death with nowhere to hide

300 men had lain thousands to waste

now ten thousand more assembled with haste

Leonidas would never turn and flee

because death was the ultimate victory

if 300 men could cause so much trouble

then ten thousand more would turn Persia to rubble
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41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012