My Story For Sara And The Snowcat.

My EP friends had asked me to add a story comment for Tassie's story Snowcat...It is about Sara and Snowcat visiting different countries and enjoying their journey. In my story Sara and Snowcat visits India for a bit...
The original story is:
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I thought of saving my story comment as my collection and here it is...

Sara and Snowcat on the way thru the mountains looked below which seemed like the heaven's beauty on earth…the Himalayas snow capped was white and perfect for a land and in a little distance noticed a lil girl. She didn't seem warm enough and was gazing at the beautiful sky. The burning woods outside her home with flickerings of fire and smoke went up into the air in a swirl like a path to the unknown. She had built something in the snow it looked like a lil monument.
Snowcat and Sara landed and Sara went up to the lil girl. She asked her name and lil girl was spell bound as she saw them…she mumbled 'Jasmine'. Sara felt she was pretty as her name. Sara was very excited to see her lil creation and asked Jasmine about it. Jasmine said it was a lil Taj was sparkling snow white and looked amazing. Sara asked her if she could get it as a Christmas gift and the lil girl didn’t even know if that was good enough for a gift. Jasmine smiled sheepishly and gave the lil monument to her. Sara opened her bagpack she had lil red boots and she handed them to Jasmine. Jasmine was surprised..she wore the boots it fitted her perfectly and thanked Sara and Snowcat. Sara and Snowcat bidded goodbye with a hug and flew high again to meet new people and see distant lands.

Hope you like reading!
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

This is really great papri!! Awesome reading!! :)

I liked reading it very much! Well done, my friend!

thank you :)

Hi papri, thank you so much for contributing Sara's visit to India , your writing is very sweet, magical and quite unique. <br />
I love to think of the extraordinary beauty of the Taj Mahal and the Himalayan mountains:)

thank you Tassie :)