I'm Not A Bah Humbug.

On Christmas eve cant help but feel sorrow,

borrowing a smile for the joy that’s tomorrow,

but family's gone no sparkle for me,

just dripping tinsel on a bare Christmas tree.

Choirs of children with expectant faces,

follow the laughter to brightly lit places,

bells go jingle and wrapping paper thrown,

beside the warm cosy fire in someone else’s home.

Everywhere you look lights flicker and glow,

reflecting the season in white fluffy snow,

cheers and blessings freely abound,

I’m alone with my footprints on frozen ground.

A strangers forgotten while the gifts are shared,

he looks on with contempt at those who once cared,

songs of compassion and joy are sung,

to him Christmas day goes on to long.

Worrying about money and what to spend,

the people around, time for me will not lend,

festive fever has them all blind,

to others they be merry, yet to me unkind.

Christmas time is not only for giving,

it's a time of fellowship celebrate the living,

but to those who’re alone it's like they're dying,

tears turn to ice in the snow when they're crying.

Festive melodies can be heard on the breeze,

passing decorated shop windows slowly I freeze,

with nothing to give and nothing to get,

just another lonely Christmas I want to forget.

A simple meal on my own without any trimming,

come the new year I won't worry about slimming,

unlike those around a table with to much to take in,

a feast for a family is wasted in the bin.

Community spirit for strangers becomes doubt,

the world passes the parcel but then I'm left out,

drunken people vomit and displeasure,

is the badge of honour for revellers to treasure.

Christmas for me is just another dreary day,

the world has a holiday while children sing and play,

on the 'morrow back to normal then I'll cheer,

counting the days towards another unfestive year.
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012