I Just Published A Story Online!

I love to read TG stories. But more than that I also write stories. For several years I have been writing stories but never had any idea what to do with them. I have always dreamed of being published like JK Rolling, Daniel Waters or any other big name writer but I had no idea where to start.

About six months ago I found this site that had many good books free for people to read. As I read I found you could leave feedback for the author. One of the books I read had a creature that was very similar to one I had dreamed about and started a short story on. So I left my feedback telling the author about my CGI image and soon I had a response.

We talked for some time and eventually I asked about getting some of my stuff published online as well. She told me how to do it and what sites would be the best and so I worked on my story and then submitted it for posting.

Since my first posting I have written several others and had the posted online for reading as well. I just finished a revition on my first story since my of those that commented on it said it ended in a rather abrupt manner.
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I would love to read you stories just et me know where and I will also let you know what I think. I am also decent at writing and was very good friends with my comp I and II professors who are writters.

My stories can all be found on tgstorytime.com under the screen name dragon_knott. My screen name is of another story I wrote but it has been forever lost since the computer I had at the time crashed before I had it backed up.