"there Is A Bluebird In My Heart That Wants To Get Out."

Yesterday I spent the whole day writing, it felt amazing, personally I don’t think I produced anything that’s not crap, but it got the wheels moving in a good direction. I started a short story from my childhood, about the time my mother had a dinner party and the cat jumped on the table only to brush up against a candle and set the tip of its tail on fire, at which point all the guests took chase to “put the cat out”. I was 8 or 9 at the time and to this day that was the best dinner party I've ever attended. (cat was fine BTW).

I've been reading a lot of Bukowski lately which is more appropriate for my life right now, not to mention my mental state, so I have been trying to turn my anger and sadness into some sort of spark that makes sense, something dark and beautiful, and deep. I was writing something entitled “My Darkness” just a free write sort of thing but it also had more structure than most of my writings, I kept using the term “My darkness, my friend” and Simon and Garfunkel The Sound of Silence came on my radio…. It was kind of trippy…
Could it be a sign?
Most likely it is….
But probably more of a sign that Pandora is tracking my keystrokes than the idea that I am on to something cosmic in my writings.

What do you think?
arenaissancewoman arenaissancewoman
31-35, F
Jan 7, 2013