So Its New Years And That Means One Thing...

So it's a new year and that always means a fresh start and a new list of things to try and accomplish this year let's hope i do better at finishing this one than I did at last years mainly because I actually never finished writing my list of things to accomplish :S oops.
so lets get cracking on it shalll we...
1) LOOSE WIEGHT: not too much buttt the christmas month is deffinantly showing
2)make sure i write more often as i didn't write all that much in 2012
3)Learn more songs for my ukele
4)Fix my lack of confidance as fixing that will help with weight loss :P
5) Get a dam hair cut you look like a hobo!
6)Take more pictures and make more memories
7)buy and complete bioshock 3
8) get off the island in dead island (I've been stuck since august :S)
9)Get a new job that is better paid
11)Start dating again its been almost a year ...I've gotta be more than ready
12)Try and be more social, hang out with friends go clubbing talk to new people anything you anti social freak

Okay so this is my list so far it may grow yet.
misplacedheart misplacedheart
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013