Adhd Writing Pt1

Jan 13 / 2013 - 8:30 pm

I came in from having a taco interested on working on my novel, I pulled up the document containing my work thus far... until now I think to myself "I wonder if I have any messages".

Justifying in my mind the break from my work, I switch to my Mozilla firefox browser, clicking on my bookmark I move down to the experience project website. quickly logging into my account I check to see I have a message asking me if I have Instant Messaging. Looking at the message I noticed it was timed at 3:30 am when it was sent. far too late for them to recieve it. So I replied none the less.

8:35 pm
Having the idea of working on my story on my mind I check out experience project, while at the same time remembering a website a co-worker told me off only 4 days ago called where its the most funny **** and **** out takes you will ever see in your life. so I checked out one of the videos and died laughing at a video called it smellz. and switched back to EP, I join a group called I love to write.

Noticed a fan fiction and it got me thinking of writing a story on here. but since I did not know what to write I would write of things I was doing leading up to the point I was doing right now.

8:40 pm
So I pulled up the application and thought about the title and decided to go with my ADHD as it was the best excuse of writing something based on my short attention span. next I retraced my steps of what I did and then checked out efukt again for a second and then headed to my facebook to see the update that was posted about a fun science fact about condensing the earth to the size of the marble.

By this time im thinking to myself. "I really could go for some sex... or tacos, I think ill get some tacos before my roommate eats all of them." leaving the laptop for a moment I quickly throw together a taco and go back to my seat and continue to write about what I was doing which by this time I was talking about efukt video I saw earliar.

8:45 pm
Finishing the taco, I check out the latest update for skyrim cause I saw and update on my facebook telling me there was a new DLC that featured an expansion to morrowind but only the island from Blood Moon expansion of that game. Thinking how I would much rather go back to daggerfall and how Bethesda needs to focus on making bigger and more expansive expansion packs that give you whole new areas and not just a mod to build a house. But I am changing my mind since they are pouring their attention into the elder scrolls online. maybe interesting.

8:50 pm
After updating about writing in me eating tacos I go back to my application and try to focus on writing I get in 2 paragraphs about the main character when I decide to check out a map of the elder scrolls continent, and read articles about the elder scrolls themselves as well as the races history within that world.

9:00 pm
I finish writing cause I got bored.
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Jan 13, 2013