The Eyes Of Pratap

I'm trying something new its gunna be a series of short stories evolving several characters this is gunna be the opening story tell me what you think of my writing style and characters.
p.s. Please be nice about my grammar its not my strong suit

It was another nice morning in Indagoe's capitol Vilelet City, Emperor Pranet Shohm was one his usual morning stroll threw his garden. Pranet was in his thirties, and living healthy like and Emperor should. He had a full black beard, short curly black hair, the women of his kingdom lined up to marry this man but after the passing of his wife he felt to woman could feel the void.
It was here in her garden that he felt at peace. Pranet walked on the stone tablets that weaved through the garden just has wife did many years ago. He stops at a flower bush filled with red flowers plucked one lifting it to his nose, the smell reminded him of his wife.
“My Lord, Breakfast is ready.” A young female voice yelled from Pranet's house.
“Thank you Ila I will be right in,” Pranet shouted back.
Ila was one of Pranet's many servants, being female she a wore deep purple traditional style churidaar dress. Her hair was kept up in a tight bun on the top of her head, so it could stay out of the way as she did her choirs. On the top of her right hand was a simple tattoo of Pranet family crest to show her class.

In another part of the house Pranet's son and only child Pratap lays sleeping in his bed. Saying his bedroom was an understatement, its sized rivaled a commons folk's living quarters. Pratap disappeared in the blankets on top of a bed fit for four or five adults not his twelve year body alone.
“Your majesty your father awaits you at the breakfast table.” That was an older man's voice yelling through the door.
Pratap opened his and slowly sat up, his pajamas were shades of blues and purples, made from the finest silk in the land. Rubbing his eyes Pratap responded, “Thank you Seth tell my father I will be down in shortly.
Pratap looked around his room, everything made from the finest materials, from the wood that made up his bed post and dresser, to the silk curtains that covered the windows. Life was good and beautiful for Pratap and yet everyday that passes he felt something was missing.
Eager to get to breakfast Pratap sat on the railing of the spiral stairs leading to the kitchen. His father had told him time and time again not slide down and every time he had listened but not this time. With a small shove Pratap zoomed down the railing screaming the whole way. Before he knew it the railing came to the end and he was in the air. Pratap managed to land on his toes stumbling the next few steps in to the kitchen.
Pranet was already at the marble table eating the breakfast his personal chief had made for him when out of the corner of his eye he saw what his son had just done. He slammed the fork on the table, stood up and walked over to his some. His face was beat read, and he was breathing heavy as he looked down at his son.
“Prince Pratap Shohm!” Pranet shouted at the top of his lungs, and he lifted his hand has if ready to smack his son across the face.
Pratap begged, “Please father don't, I know you said not to but I just thought one time, what bad could come from it.”
Pranet brought his arm around Pratap, and with his free hand he ruffled this hair. “My son I am just glad you made it down okay, your landing was rough and needs work”
Pratap was left jaw dropped here he thought his father would surely punish him not praise him, not knowing what to say he just said, “thanks.”
There was a small pause from Pranet, “But if I ever catch you do that again you will greatly be punished.” He let go of his son, “Now eat breakfast and we will began your daily training and studies”.

Meanwhile in a distant meadow stands a stone archway; the inner arch was sixty meters high, forty-five meters wide and ten meters deep. The wind with in the arch starts turn, creating a whistling sound, then there is a single flash of light. A loud pop his heard, creating another spark that swirls forming a vortex of blues, whites, and greens.
From the center of the vortex comes the nose of a small metallic boat, slowly followed by the rest of. Once fully freed of the vortex the boat shoots forward taring up the meadow behind it sending dirt flying.
The boat's hull was made up of a thin rustic metal just large enough to fit a single person to sit or lay down in the back, and slowly narrowing towards the nose of the hull. On top, towards the nose of the hull was a single triangle sail, and either side a poll shot out with a horizontal sail attached to it.
No one emerges from the boat for some time, when finally a small hatch is opened on top. A gloved hand reaches out grabbing the edge of the opening. The pilot pulls himself up and out of the boat tumbling off the side and to the ground. He uses the boat to bring himself to an upright position. The pilot is wearing an old brown cloak that covers most of his body, the only things no exposed are his black gloved hands, and tan boots.
He lets out a long painful groan, before thinking, “What a landing, what kind of maw doesn't hat least have a landing *****.
The Pilot was just about to lower his hood when he looked up to half a dozen me wearing white shorts with a red sash around the waist, and sandals, pointing curved swords and spears at him.
“Handz Oop!” the man with a gold sash around his torso yelled while shaking his sword.
The pilot still shaken from the landing raises his hands in the air. “Sorry about the landing I was expecting a landing *****.”
The men had no reaction to the pilots words, gold sash looked at his comrades spoke some kind of gibberish. Two of the men grabbed his hands lifting lifting the pilot onto his feet, while a third punched punched him in the head knocking him out.

Back at Pranet's palace; Pranet and his son had just finished breakfast when Seth wearing the standard his black suit, entered the room. Pranet got up from his seat and walked over the servant, Seth leaned in close and whispered something into his ear. Pratap tried to make it by reading Seth's lips but he was at a weird angle. What ever it was it shocked his father because his eyes grew wide just before he stormed off.
Seth walked over to Pratap now, “Master Pratap your father had to leave for Emperor duties and had left me in charge. He asked me make sure all of your studies are done.”
Pratap let out a huge sigh and looked up to the ceiling, “Fine I'll go get dressed,” Pratap jump down from his seat, what is first today?”
“Ah your father said your lacking in your Kalari,” Seth waved his hand motioning for Pratap to hurry up, “Now go get ready I'll meet you in the dojo.”
Pratap hurried up stairs, he was never overly fond of martial arts but it was good exercise and he enjoy beating up on Seth.
About twenty minuets later Seth and Pratap met in the dojo which was on the other end of the house. The dojo had bamboo floors, wood walls, with one side having two sliding doors and a forest mural cover the top half of the other three walls. All around the dojo lay bamboo all kinds of bamboo swords and spears. In the center stood Pratap and Seth. Both wore traditional fighting gear of shorts, a sash belt, and sandals.
“Kay Master Pratap we will work on you offense, then defense, some sword techniques, and finish with cardio.”
“What ever you say Seth.”
Normally in Kalari you wait for you opponent to be ready which is what Seth normally does which is why Pratap was surprised when he made the first move. Pratap was able to side step and use Seth's momentum against him to avoid the hit. Pratap then moved onto a horse stance and awaited the next attack.
“I guess we are working on my defense first.”
Seth moved into a lion stance, his posture was strong and sturdy, “That would be correct Master Pratap.”

The pilot awoke to pitch blackness, he tired to move his hands and feet but they were tied to the chair he was sitting in. It was quite, the pilot had no idea how long he had been out or were he was. He heard rustling and more gibberish coming from somewhere followed by a door opening and closing.
There was a click, and a light turned on over the pilot's head. Standing in front of him a vary intimidating man he wore a long black jacket with a high collar that stretched just past his knees. He had a full black beard, with deep black eyes.
“Who are you?” The man spoke with a deep tone.
“Question for you why am I being held here?” the pilot asked.
The man smacked the pilot in the face, “don't get smart with me.”
I know my travelers rights and this ain't one of them,” the pilot locked eyes with the man.
Gold sash walked into the light, “Sir we found his Portal Pass.” gold sash hands the man the small booklet.
The man opens the booklet and turns to the first page, taking a brief moment to read it. “So Ky Lygua answer this, why are you here?”
Ky looked up at the man, “Here is what you are gunna get from, as you know my name is Ky Lygua and I am a traveler.”
The man left the light and Ky was left alone again. It wasn't long before the man reentered the light holding a an object.
“I'm sorry, should have told you who I am from the start,” The man placed the object next to Ky's chin. “I am Pranet Shohm Emperor of Indagoe!” Pranet pulled the object back and brought it back across Ky's face.”
Ky's ears were ringing, and the world seamed to spin around him. “Nice to meet Emperor.”
“Do you know what I just hit you with?” Pranet asked shaking the object in Ky's face.
Ky shook his head, starring Pranet in the eyes, “I'm gunna guys my handgun.”
Pranet was taken back by Ky's blunt honestly, SMACK! Pranet hit Ky across the his face again. “Now traveler we have here all kinds of outlawed equipment.” Pranet tossed the handgun behind him into the darkness, “Now listen carefully because I won't ask again, why are you here?”
Ky thought for a brief moment, and with a straight face he said, “Cuz you knocked me out and tied to to this chair.”
Ky could tell he had done it, Pranet's eyes opened wide, his face turned beat red, and his breath deepened. Ky closed his eyes and braced for impact, and when there was none he opened his eyes. It was dark again and Pranet was no longer in his face.

Pratap had just taken Seth down for the dozenth time when the two decided to call quits.
Seth took another long drink from his water bottle, “Just as good as always Master Pratap.”
Pratap came around the corner back in the normal clothes of black slacks and violet sherwani, which is a long jacket with a high collar. “Thanks Seth you are almost good enough to challenge me like my father.”
“Seth got up from the bench and headed around the corner, “You flatter me master but I know that I am no wear near the level of you and your father.”
Pratap chuckled, “Okay your right, I won't lie anymore.”
“That is all I ask . . .” there was a long pause, “Hey!” Seth yelled reentering the room wearing his usual navy blue suit.
“Yes,” Pratap said smiling.
Seth shrugged his shoulders, and shook his head, “Just go to your study and I will be there shortly.”
Pratap sighed, “Fine.”
The study wasn't that far from there present location, after going outside it was a twenty meter walk south. The study was really easy to spot, being that it was one of the largest buildings on the property. The building was all white, at the top of a dozen stairs stood several tall pillars, all the windows were multicolored and behind the pillars stood two large wooden doors. Once inside there were books upon shelves in rows stretching to the back wall.
Pratap desk was just inside the door to the right. It was a simple wood desk, on top of it sat a couple peaces of paper and a few books from his last visit. Pratap sat in his chair, picked up his pencil, and started his work.
Pranet caught sight of Seth in the courtyard, “Seth!” he yelled flagging him down.
Stopping at the sound of his name Seth turned to see who it was, “Yes Master.”
Picking up his pace heading towards his servant, “How goes the lessons?”
Seth had come to a stop, “Good Master, you son gets better with every passing day.”
“Good, good,” Pranet said shaking his head up and down.
With a serious tone Seth asked, “Now should I ask you the same thing?”
“He's not talking but I have a plan.”
“Good.” Seth responded the shook hands and went there separate ways.

It had only been a few days but Ky was already started to look like hell. It was the same routine day in and day out. In what Ky believed to morning a guard would come down the steps turn on the light. He would place a bowl of gruel and a cup of water on the floor then take a seat in a chair just outside the cell bars. The first day Ky tried to not eat the food but the guard would call for another and the two would Ky down and force feed him.
Through out the day guards would try and question Ky but he resisted all attempts. Even through all the beatings, and cursing Ky stayed quiet. After several hours the guards would give up, turn the lights of and head back up stairs.

Pratap had noticed that his father was spending a lot of time away recently, on his free day he followed him up until he walked into a small room. The room looked to small for Pratap to follow him so he decided to stay back and watch from a distance. After his father had entered Pratap noticed two soldiers enter but not leave. That room was two small for three people to spend all day in there, and when no one exited he got really curious. Finally after the sun had gone and down the three left Pratap made his move.
The room was dark, empty and barely big enough for someone to move around in hardly enough for three. Pratap felt along the walls trying find some sort of light switch. His hands found a corner but his feet found nothing, and down he went tumbling down stairs til he hit a hard stone floor.

Ky was woken up by a loud thump coming in the direction of the stairs. It was followed by a loud moaning sound. “Hey you guys don't normally fall down those steps!” he shouted into the darkness.
“What who's in hear?” Pratap asked into the darkness.
Ky was a little confused now, that voice sounded like it came from a child. Why would they send a child down here, endless this was part of new tactic, Ky thought. So he asked, “Hey kid were you captured?”
“Captured? What's that?” Pratap asked.
This kid is really clueless, Ky thought.
There was a moment of silence and Pratap became more curious so he asked, “Hey who am I talking to?”
Ky was taken back by the question but he answered anyway, “I am a Traveler that goes by the name of Ky Lygua.”
Pratap scratched his head, “Why are you down here?”
Maybe it was the lack of sleep or Ky's moral breaking but he could not help but answer this kids questions, “Well I crashed my boat getting here, got knocked out then I woke up here.”
“A boat the nearest water source is miles from away from here!” Pratap yelled confused.

Wow this kid really is clueless, Ky thought. The ideas started formulating in his head, he just might make it out of this alive yet. “That's right so what does that tell ya,” Ky said crossing his legs and arms were he sat.
Worried Pratap said, “You must be a king away from home then.”
“That's right but I'm on a journey and wish to return to it,” even though Pratap could not see him he shook his head up and down.
“Must be nice,” there was a sadness to Pratap voice.
Ky rolled his eyes and shook his head side to side now, “It ain't what it sounds like.”
“Listen I'm Prince Pratap Shohm I shall do has I please,” Pratap shouted slamming his hand onto the ground.
So this kid is the sun of that Emperor, Ky thought letting out a smirk. “Kid I bet daddy gives you everything you know nothing of what's out there.”
Pratap stood silent for a moment before saying, “Shut Up! There is nothing this prince can't do I will go out into the 'real world' and be just fine.” He was standing now with his fist balled huff and puffing.
Tilting his head to the side Ky said, “Just wait you find that there are question your gunna want answered and I'm the guy to give it to you straight unlike you father.”
“Ah!” Pratap mouth dropped, “My father would never keep anything from me I'm not talking to you anymore!” After that Pratap stormed off stopping his feet all the way up stairs.
Finally with the kid gone Ky could get some sleep.

It was a normal night, Pranet and Pratap sat around the same marble as they did for breakfast. They ate a meal prepared by there chief that consisted of a red meat, small pieces of a green vegetables, and a bread roll.
“How are the lessons today son?” Pranet taking a bite of meat.
“Oh you know same old, same old,” Pratap responded.
There was a long pause as the two finished there food, Pranet started to get up.
“Hey father?” Pratap asked.
Pranet stopped facing his son, “Yes Son?”
“Sense I, I turn thirteen in a week I was hoping, or I guess wondering if I can, or you could show me the town.”
“Why?” Pranet asked curiously, “You have everything you need here?” he added.
“Well father if I am to be Emperor someday should I not know who I am ruling?” Pratap could not help but smile after that comment there was not way his father could say no.
Pranet rubbed his chin starring up at the ceiling, “Alright next week on your birthday we will go out to town and I will make a public announcement that you are my son.”
Pratap jump of from his seat in joy, and ran over to his father giving him a hug. “Thank you father.”
Ruffling his son's hair Pranet said, “Alright now go and get ready for bed. After his son was gone and out of ear shot he yelled, “Seth!”
Seth came into the room and bowed, “Yes master.”
Pranet signaled for him to raise, “Remember that day we talked about.”
“Yes Master.”
“You task over the next week is prepare for it.”
“Yes Master.” Seth bowed one more time before leaving the room.

After what felt like and eternity it was Pratap's birthday and he was up early to excited to sleep for the day that was to come. Today was vary special usually on his birthday the cook makes all his favorite meals but on the flip side his father made all the lessons tougher that day.
Pratap was wearing his nicest clothes; dark velvet slacks, black flats, and a royal blue sherwani. The night before one of the servants had cut his hair short, just so he could spike it this morning. He met his father down stairs and he was wearing and almost identical outfit except his sherwani had a gold trim, and he carried a gold cane in his right hand.
The two walked side by side down the front path and threw the front gate. There they were met by a snow-white carriage, lead by a black horse, and sitting up up front with the rains was Seth.
“Good Day masters,” Seth called out to them, “What great weather we are graced with today.
“Yes, yes Seth lets get this show on the road.” Pranet said climbing into the carriage.
Pratap stayed quite as he climbed up, once seated Seth snapped the rains and the horse trotted away.
It was a long boring ride into the city, the road was made of dirt and dust whipped up into the carriage. It was all farmland to the left and to the right, except for a random large stone pillar. Pratap tried to ask his father about it but he just shooed it away.
Finally they reached the city, Pratap let out a large sigh and his dad bopped him on the back of the head. The size of the building shocked Pratap, they stood several levels high with stairs leading to each floor. The buildings looked nothing like the sturdy ones Pratap was used to seeing, it seamed as if they they could fall down at any moment.
The streets were empty, Pratap had always read that people were everywhere and he wondered where they could be. He asked his father and Pranet bopped him on the head again. When they finally saw people it was not just one but a crowd. As they approached the people got out of the way and reviled a wooden stage.
Seth was the first to get out and step on stage, Pranet was next and he help Pratap on stage. There was one chair, and one microphone on stage, Pranet instructed Pratap to take a seat as he headed to the microphone. Pratap was amazed at the way his father could handle a crowd, his words caught the attention ever person standing around the stage. It was quiet amazing really his father would shout some words and then gestured towards Pranet and crowed would cheer again.
Out of the corner of his eye Pratap saw somebody or something he had never seen before, and it did not look good. His hair was thin, eyes were sunk into his skull and you could make out his cheek bones. Pratap had read nothing of this in any of the approved books and he had to get a closer look.
People started to swarm the stage to greet Pranet, taking this moment Pratap got up from his seat and ran off to take a look. He did not notice it before but the smell of these people were horrendous. No one carried that he was there, and Pratap had to squeeze in out of people trying avoid them. He even tried to yell but his voice was blocked out by the cheering of the crowed.
Finally reaching the strange man Pratap asked, “Sir may I ask you what is wrong?”
Grunt, The old man raised his head and looked Pratap's eyes, “I'm old did you father not teach you anything.”
“He has taught me so much but never once told me of old,” Pratap explained coming down to the man's level.
“Hm,” the old man shook his head, “Are not the son of our emperor?”
Pounding his chest, “Yes I am prince Pra . . .”
The old man cut Pratap off, “I know you name you father only said it a dozen times.”
“Then Why ask?” Pratap asked confused, the old man made no response so Pratap asked another question, “You seam to be suffering why?”
“Really kid you are dumb,” the old man said annoyed, “Did you not here me I OLD, suffering is a part of life that's just how it is.”
“Suffering but if you live a good life there should be no suffering,” there was an honesty to Pratap's voice.
The old man lowered his head, “Kid there is much in this life you need to know,” he pointed of into the distance, “Now go wonder around and bother someone else.”

And that's what Pratap did he wondered off to bother someone else. Except no one would answer his question, they just shrugged him off like some noisy kid. The old man was not the only person to be suffering Pratap started to see it behind all the smiles in the crowd there were people in the back streets suffering as the old man put it. Pratap could not help but wonder was there anything he could do to help these people.
From the Corner of his eye Pratap could see the carriage whip around the corner, his fathers hand stretched out. As the carriage whipped by Pranet grabbed his sun and yanked him in.
“Son I am disappointed in you,” Pranet said with a stern look on his face, Pratap just lowered his head.
The trip back home was even longer with Pratap feeling his fathers death glare on him. He knew he was in trouble and it was getting dark so when they got back he knew it would be dinner than bed.

“Ky Lygua!” The emperor yelled as he walked down the steps.
Slowly getting out of bed Ky sat up, “Ah emperor haven't seen you in a while, why are you so happy.”
“Well I have good news,” The emperor pulled the string to turn the light on.
Ky put his hands on his thighs and leaned forward, “You letting me go.” He said it but did not believe it in his heart.
“Close,” the emperor walked over to the cabinet in the the corner. He opened it grabbing something from it, while it was open Ky got a glimpse inside and he could see what looked like his gear.
“No my son needs to learn a lesson so I'm going to kill you.” The emperor said with a huge grin on his face waving Ky's gun around, “With you own weapon too.” The emperor turned around before he could see the shock on Ky's face. “See you in the morning,” The emperor said flicking off the light.
Regaining his composure Ky said, “Night then.” Ky fell back onto his bed, it would take a miracle for him to get out of this.

Pratap sat up in his room, wondering what else his father could be keeping from him. He could go to the forbidden section of the library and read about it but when he saw his father come out of Ky's prison he knew were he could get the answers.
It was dark, he didn't know how but it was darker than last time. Pratap would not be caught of guard twice this time he new where the steps were and he had no intention of falling down them twice.

“Hey!” Ky heard a voice yell from the stairs.
There is only one person who would do that in this place, “Pratap it that you?” he called back. This could be the miracle Ky needed sitting up in bed he was wide awake.
“I have some question for you,” Pratap said taking the last step.
“That's fine but I need your help.” Ky said standing up and walking over to the bars, “First things first turn on the light.”
“Wheres it at?” Pratap asked swinging his arms around.
Ky palmed his face, “There should be a rope or string in front of you pull on it.” After a moment of flailing Pratap felt something, he pulled on it, turning the small light on. Reaching out threw the bars.
Today was a first for Pratap because when he finally saw Ky he was shocked, “He was maybe five year older than him; he had shaggy black hair, deep brown eyes, and his face looked dirty and beaten. His cloths were not bright and vibrant but made of dark blues and he wore a long black coat sorta like his sherwani but not quite the same.
Pratap was a younger version of his father from the black hair on his head to the shoes on his feet. Ky did not look into him to much, moving the conversation on he said, “Kay kid I will answer your question but you need to get me out of here first.”
“mmm, no,” Pratap said shaking his head, “you answer my questions first.”
“Ahh!” Ky yelled shaking his hand vigorously, “Fine but make it quick I need to be out of here by sunrise.”
Pratap grabbed the one chair and took a seat while Ky sat down on the floor, “No I think my dad has been lying to me and I want to what can you tell me about the outside world?”
Ky bobbed his head back and forth, “It could take forever to explain everything you have been lied about, “How about I give you a brief version and I can explain more later?”
Taking a second to think about Pratap scratch his head and then crossed his before saying, “Deal.”
“Get comfy kid cuz here I go . . . “
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