Intro To "unexpected"

Hi, I am developing a new story that is going to revolve around five main characters. The story takes place in New York City. This is new and it is going to be sort of like a television show. I am going by seasons and the first season has nine episodes. I am testing this out to see what the audience response is. Every comment would be appreciated. I am going to blend regular story with script writing to form a new sort of unique combination of both.
1). Daniel Stoger: A fun sort of party boy. He has blond hair and deep sea blue eyes. He has an athletic build and is up to date with the latest in fashion. He works at Dunkin Donuts but makes the bulk of his cash from online surveys and product testing. He is a complete womanizer but deep in his heart lies a secret.
2). Harris Brazer: The kind of guy whose a complete romantic. He is constantly looking for that one girl who completes him. He has been on a bunch of dates but they did not work out well. He has his dark brown hair combed to the back. His eyes are a hazel sort of shade and his build is slim. He is in between jobs and is looking for a long term relationship. Let's see what the future holds for him.
3). Maria Sanders: She is the type of woman that everyone has a crush on. She has a slim physique with caramel eyes, light brown hair and a fun loving nature which makes her stand out. She is an active member of the Wildlife Conservation Society. She has a dream of her own. Only time will tell when that dream will change to reality.
4). Jessie Mills: This is your typical farm girl. She was raised by a hillbilly and so developed that Southern accent. She came to the city with dreams of opening a nice, small florist business. She has red hair and light olive eyes. She shares her apartment with her male friend Tom.
5). Thomas Weathers: This man is very religious and does lots of charity work. His main field of expertise however is a small house cleaning service. He is black and his eye color is brown. His hair is dark and his nose is slightly smaller than the average man. Though, he does not look it, he is slightly overweight due to his eating habits. He is currently trying to reduce his weight.

I hope I can really entertain everyone with this plot and I hope it can go far from here. That was just for you to get a little familiar with the characters before hand. This will be a light sort of dramatic comedy and I hope that you will enjoy it.
talhaak talhaak
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013