Listen closely to the sounds. You can hear the soft wind stirring in the brush, the leaves rustling against one another on the ground. There are songbirds, singing in perfect time. First you hear a high pitched squabbling, and then a buzzing, and the coo of a mourning dove. layer upon layer of birds and noises in perfect time. The leaves on the ground are yellow, orange, and brown. As you walk along a pathless wood, they crackle and crunch beneath your feet. You can hear a nearing sound of rushing water, flowing gently. As you get closer, it gets louder. You follow the tiny stream from the bank, and hear it get louder and louder as stream flows into stream, and makes a roaring river. There are fish in there, beautiful trout and small minnows swimming around. You find a rock to sit on, to avoid getting wet, and you sit and meditate on all the sounds of nature.

SmilesGoForMiles SmilesGoForMiles
18-21, M
Jan 23, 2013