What I Have So Far For One Story. Undecided On Title Yet.

Outside the snow fell like leaves on a breeze. The cold air radiated through the glass chilling the silent halls of the school. As I sat alone my mind in a state of peace neither active nor dormant slow clack of a woman’s shoe resounded through the stairwell. My eyes were closed as if I was sleeping. “Axel!” She ran up and leapt on me at seeing me. I smiled as I glanced over her. Her buxom chest bounced as it came to rest on my shoulder. Her red hair bounced as she smiled. “I was afraid you’d miss class again!” She said as she nuzzled my shoulder. I hadn’t missed a lot of classes but, I did avoid the teacher her attitude towards me towards my collection and work. My name is Axel Thims. I’m going to college in the age of identity, where man is learning more about his self than any other time ever knew. When the “end of the age” came every prediction was wrong and right too. When the poles reversed it let loose an instantaneous magnetic pulse. The pulse released reformed the ozone layer. The power failed for five to ten seconds but the pulse had a side effect on our technology and us. It made our sins a reality in human forms but they didn’t act like sins and no new sins were born. With them came a blessing a new technology we all called it “The Stadium” a place where the sins and special AIs were made to battle like the sins. Each person designed the AIs on their own. These were known as SAMBAT. Sin alike mechanized battle autonomous troops. They were meant to defend nations but the invention leaked and soon it became a business. A business of the underworld, an underworld started from my sins. “Hello Angela.” My eyes never opened. She ran her fingers through my long black hair. I opened my eyes and glanced at her and then back to the AI program on my lap. Of my sins and SAMBATs There were 36 while most were lucky to get one. I was making my newest in prep for a fight so I was a little distracted. “Are you ready for class?” I was notorious for having bad grades and was known to trade my skills at making SAMBATs for help. “This time yes.” I looked at her and she batted her eyes at me smiling. “You coming to the match today?” My fingers rapidly moved typing up the details of the newest ally. “No I gotta work.” She pouted saying this. We followed the crowds into the class. “Well don’t worry plenty other women to cheer me on.” I smiled sarcastically as her eyes got big in jealousy. She was not my lover I never had one I was too flirty and too desired. Even by some teachers. “Well, well Axel. Did you do your homework?” My eyes briefly darted up to see Mrs. Dewitt the hottest teacher in the college. She was leaning over my desk with seductive intent. “Yes Mrs. Dewitt.” I lowered my eyes to my work. The class flowed by fast and before I knew it I was walking out the door with Angela. We walked down the hall way, the girls staring batting eyes at me, as I walked to the café with Angela. As we sat down I pulled the programming device back out and proceeded back into my typing. A heavy clunk on the table raised my eyes from the point of focus to a girl with piercing blue eyes black hair and skin pale like a twilight snow. She wore leather wristbands and kept the chips containing her SAMBATs in them. She was the only person I knew crazy enough to wear a corset in winter. Genevieve. She proclaimed herself my rival, publicist and muse. “Root beer and a roasted chicken breast Panini for my man.” She smiled at me as she put the plate down in front of me. “And veggie burger with olive oil and vinegar with a strawberry smoothie for the girl who wishes she was me oh and Angela you owe me $8.34.” I looked at them as Genevieve gave Angela a wicked sadistic smile. I passed Angela the money for her meal as she ate glaring at Genvieve. She mouthed thank you before she continued eating. “So Gen what is the details for the battle sets today after school?” She looked at me smiling sweetly. “Well the look of matches has you against Sirenna and me against Thomas Jaques.” Angela looked over at me nervously. “Last time Sirenna and you fought she swore you would pay for refusing her affections. And she is currently placed 3rd nationally.” Genevieve looked at me. “True as that is I worry more about her sin. According to her stats the SAMBAT she has is based on pure lust. And not just for anyone. Look at this!” She turned the screen to us to reveal a human like creature bearing long black hair blue green eyes four horns a long sleeveless duster clawed hands and a reptilous tail. “Axle Incuba.” Me and Angela said together as we turned to each other. “He’s based on you. His strongest move is the heart wrecker.” I closed my eyes and smiled deviously. A girl with long curled brown hair and blue eyes stood silently behind me none of us until now had noticed her. I rolled my head as far back as I can, she was looking down at me. She brushed the hair from her eyes and with a small smile saying nothing and set down a mechanical pencil with a small note then turned and walked away slow at first then sped up. I watched her and pulled the note from the pencil it on it simply two words “Thank you”. I slipped the paper in the pocket of my coat. She knew me and I knew her we rarely spoke it seemed when we crossed paths she was never of proper words. Nor knew I what say. She to me was an angel amongst my demons one of the few who did not raise within me a succubus of new form. The others looked at me as I watched her. “You know Cait really doesn’t speak much.” Genevieve spoke first. I smiled at them and stood up and turned away and walked fast they smiled and ran after me. “What’s going on?” Angela and Genevieve followed me out of the café I spoke as I walked “Angela go get Sirenna tell her one on one no sin involvement SAMBATs only.” She stared at me.”When?” “Now.” I moved through the crowds with Genevieve. I moved to the stadium people crowded in waiting to practice while the announcers roared over the commotion. As I stood amongst the group Genevieve moved through the crowd to the announcer’s box. Shoving an announcer out of the way she sat down before the mic. “Everybody clear the arena” Everyone from the battlers to the sins and SAMBATS turned to the booth. ”Axel is here and he is on a war path!” Suddenly everyone turned and as if I was some demon from hell they turned to me and everyone cleared a path to the central stadium and all the battlers cleared the area. The seats filled and I pressed a few buttons altering the arenas into a single battle field. Genevieve’s voice could be heard over the loud speakers. “We are cutting classes slicing wrists and watching intently as we wait for Sirenna to show her butt ugly face as she tries to steal my man in a pre-competition battle.” As Sirenna walked in the guys made wolf whistles and howled like savage dogs as she slowly walked in her tube top and tight exercise shorts up to the opposing stand. I pressed a button switching mic coverage to me cutting off Genevieve’s trash talk mid word. “Word has it your new SAMBAT is tops. Well mine is better my sins are purer and now you will fail. Basic rules.” She smiled as she stretched a bit. She pressed her communication button and smiled deviously. “Why not enjoy it a bit more say a wager? Your body perhaps?” I smiled deviantly.”Sure.” We slipped our chips in the computer. In a upwards electrical surge from the bottom of a stadium Axle Incuba came forth his lip curled in a devious grin. She smiled and softly said in the one on one com between us. “Even if you won’t love me he will.” Suddenly in a surge of dark energy before me a girl with caramel colored skin appeared around her bosom was a silk wrap tied behind her neck covering her breasts only. Below a dress of black silk near see through covered her bare legs and feet. After appearing she tore apart the shackles binding her hands chain links breaking. She then danced small amount before motioning for the other SAMBAT to come to her. Over the loud speaker my voice rang out. “Ladies and gentlemen the succubus of the sands based on Sirenna. Sierra Storm.” Rapidly the crowds rang out chanting Sierra or Axle. Meanwhile she stared at my creature and silently thought to herself. “Is my flesh all he desires?” Over the panel I watched her ‘til she nodded. “Begin!” Genevieve’s voice roared to start the battle. The commands were all audible Sirenna yelled at Axel to use Lightning rush. Her words echoed as Axel charged Sierra lightning coming from his feet as he rushed at her. Over the crowds Sirenna and I heard nothing except each other’s commands. “Sand Spin followed by Glass Chain through his ankles.” My words were calm and unbothered. She stared and said Spark Jump. She was too slow in response as Axel jumped Sierra put two glass spikes through his ankles which glimmered and grew into a shackle chaining his hands and neck down. He was now bleeding his energy was at 72% and she couldn’t think what to do. “House of broken glass.” My words came out in response the glass grew into his flesh severing nerves and sinew his health dropped to 34%.I looked at her trying to think. “Shattering hand.” Sierra waved her hand and danced around him seductively suddenly the glass broke he was down to 5%. “Special Kiss of Longing.” Sierra knelt down beside the unmoving body of Axel and kissed his shirtless chest. His last 5% percent was gone. I turned and walked out. Sirenna stood there unsure what to do. I turned back and look. “All women bring out a man’s demons.” I left followed closely by Genevieve. The forms in the stadium disappeared as I left my chip in my pocket. A few hours passed before my allotted fight time. I arrived at the stadium where everyone chanted as I entered. As the rules constantly changed the stadium listing today was a five on five. Sirenna came up to me her face was filled with sorrow despite a straight face. “Am I just an object to you?” I smiled kindly. “No I’m just lustful by nature and today was just a lesson. The meaning unless you want me to see you as an object don’t follow me in pursuit.” We walked up to our places the arrangement was a five on five challenge behind me four entities stood, they were my sins. The first sin was Dice her sin was greed. Her long pigtails and tight long sleeve button down shirt showed a little cleavage to distract, her black vest held a gold pocket watch and her dress black pants were fitted to show her butt, her look was young and she always had a sucker in her mouth. Standing next to her was a female behemoth. Her muscle shirt was stained with blood spatters some spatters even remained on her breasts. Her ripped and torn jeans struggled to contain her muscled legs she always wore a glare when other women were around. Her name? Aggatha. Her sin jealousy and anger. Third in line stood a chimaera like creature having one black feathered wing and one white bone like wing, she bore fangs like a wolf and long hawk like claws. Leather pants covered her deer legs and a leather tank top covered her bosom. She was merely known as Lust for that was her sin for those who pursue beauty remain a beast. Lastly and my first met sin was a young woman. She was the gambler known as Jacqueline the Ace of Spades. Her flesh was snowy she had no flaw her bust was neither big nor small and her *** was the same her hair was long and blonde. Always she wore a button down blouse and a vest and black and white striped pants. They all glared across the way except for Dice who was giggling with anticipation and Jacqueline who had a crooked grin and was ready for the challenge. I pointed to the field as Sirenna summoned up a large behemoth Korak whose very form that of a highly muscled wolf who was made after my favorite animal he could switch from bipedal to a quadroped. The next summoned was a demon of lust her skin was scales her white hair and naga body was a symbol of the flesh she was called just that Naga. Her next was again Axel he grinned with the glimmer of vengeance in his eye.
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