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Writing is something that has always been my release. I can write for hours and even if it is never seen I at least feel better and blow a little steam. Back in the day I would write and then burn it. I still have my daughter do it on occasion. If something is bothering her I have her write it down. We then crumble it up, lite it and into the fireplace it goes. Silly, maybe, but whatever works! I have a collection of poems but most are pretty simplistic just to get my point across. Maybe I'll get bold enough to post my site on here... maybe not. :)
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I write a lot of stuff too, Dreams/Visions mostly. 2) "Daughter"? I wish I had 1 of those, Adopted Niece if not Daughter at Best. 3) I feel better when I get my ideas onto the page too, even if no one reads it. (Some of my Material probably can't get "Published" anyhow)

I'm the same way. I can't go a single day with out writing, I probably wouldn't make it through the week. I also like writing poems because I feel like it doesn't matter if they make sense or not. I don't have to worry about the reader or anyone else because I can write it for myself and if someone else happens to read it, they won't think anything of it having to do with me. It's just another open for interpretation poem and I like that.

I do my best writing when I'memotionally stimulated whether positively or negetively.LOL As a matter of fact I remember a time when my husband made me sooo mad and I couldnt explain to him why because I knew he would just argue my words into lunacy so I wrote my anger down as quickly as I possibly could.I mean the penmanship was awful BUT then I handed it to him and it struck a nerve and he just couldnt argue it into nothingness because it was there in black and white and thats alot harder to pick apart than spoken words.Anyways,dont burn them,hide them under lock and key or put them in a safety box at the bank but for goodness sake KEEP THEM!

I do that a lot write down what I feel but since the pc now and now ep I can write on here and no one knows at home. I felt better after what is on my mind. since I was a child I wrote. I write songs too but haven't done that in a long time now. most of them where about my life and people around me. Keep writting it helps a lot and gets a lot off of your chest. GG :-)

I like to burn written things, but i mostly use that for "prayers"<br />
<br />
For all the stuff- i stick it online, where i know somebody can see it and i dont have to think about it anymore.

Oh I'm sure I'll have lots to add on here... it's a great release and I can add anything from ice cream to 0rgasms... LOL

What a gentle and patient way to deal with life's challenges. I'll keep your write n' burn technique in mind for the future. But, you can also write on cyberspace and consider it floated away...and benefit others like us. Perhaps?<br />
God bless...

I think burning a symbol of whats wrong can be very cathartic. At the end of my eighth grade year a groups of friends and I all got together to burn the instruction book to the year long project we just finished. A friend burned a college text book from a class that was particularly difficult/annoying. Granted he did find out that a new edition was coming out and his version was obsolete before burning it! On another note, I would love to see your poems.